The Importance of Diversity when it comes to Link Building

When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is the process of making your website more visible in search engines, the best way to make your website more popular is by having a diverse link profile.


What is a link profile?

A link profile is the network of links leading to your website, the more links, the better. A search engine like Google prefers links from various websites than from one.


Google’s algorithm isn’t stupid. When you have a lot of backlinks, links that are on other websites that lead “back” to your website, from one particular webpage, it will think that you are conspiring with said webpage to make yours more popular and visible. This action will cause Google to become suspicious of you, and it’ll affect your ranking in the list of websites it displays.


In other words, you’ll be safer if you make links from various websites rather than making a lot of links from one specific webpage. This is called Diverse Link Building, and it is what we practice here. But having a lot of links from different web pages isn’t enough.


Diverse Link Building

In technical terms, it’s having a lot of links in different websites rather than having a lot of links in one. But, as I said in the previous paragraph, having a lot of link from different web pages isn’t enough, you must also consider what the websites are about. It is better if you link your websites with ones that have similar content or that are at least a bit relevant to yours. For example, if your website is about gaming or anything about computers, there’s no reason for you to have a link from a beauty website.


Another important thing is for you to have backlinks not just from different websites but also on different platforms (news sites, social media, blogs, etc.). It is better to have links in a news website like Rappler, a video sharing website like YouTube, and a popular blog than having a link on ten forums sites.


Finally, not just the quantity of websites must be taken into account but also quality, this is referred as the “Authority” of a website. How much a website is trusted is counted by how much authority it has. For instance, having a link in Forbes is better than having a link from an unknown blog.



To sum it all up, Diverse Link Building is key when it comes to SEO and is the approach to link building that we use exclusively. A diverse link profile is better than having a lot of links on one website. What’s more, having backlinks from different types of sites, not just different websites is also important. The authority, or how much a website is trusted, should also be considered. The website you have a link must be relevant to yours.


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