My Top Picks: Project Management Tools

When you are working on a project, of course, you need a team of reliable people. Don’t forget you also need to use an adequate project management tool. These tools will help you manage the current workflow, keep tabs on the task at hand, and most importantly, it will keep you in the right track on what’s need to be done ASAP!

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On this note, I am writing this post to list my personal list of project management tools. I’m sure you all are familiar with Trello. By the way before, I mention more brands, I will put a disclaimer that this blog post is not sponsored in any way. Like I said, I’m just sharing my personal list. Anyway, let’s get started.

  • First on the list is: Trello.

    • It’s my personal favorite because it’s free. You can upgrade and get premium functions and tools for $9.99 a month.
    • Manage your task with Trello. You can easily organize your project depending to your preference. It is very adaptable and responsive so it’s pretty easy to make necessary changes.
    • Companies such as RedHat, Fender, Adobe, Google, Kickstarter, British Red Cross, and National Geographic are proud users of Trello.
    • With Trello’s boards, you can conveniently collaborate with people. It’s an interactive way to update your progress. You can simply drag and drop the Trello cards. You can also add comments and dates to each card created.
    • Dive into the details by adding comments, attachments, due dates, and more directly to Trello cards. Collaborate on projects from beginning to end.
  • Number 2 on the list is Paymo.

    • The free account is perfect for freelancers. Once you sign up, you get a to do list, project boards, a time tracking feature, a desktop app, an Adobe extension, file sharing capabilities, and 1 GB free storage.
    • The paid feature starts at $9.56 a month. It includes all the free features plus 50 GB storage, cutting-edge invoice and reporting tools, and many more.
    • More 100,000 businesses trust Paymo. Whether your priority is to plan, schedule, or manage a task, Paymo can surely help you getting your social media, blogging, marketing, web design tasks done in no time.
  • The last on my list is MeisterTask.

    • If the name seems familiar to you, it is because MeisterTask is a sister company of MindMeister, a mind mapping app.
    • Anyway, MeisterTask, like the previous 2 tools, have a basic account. You can get a free account with a set of limited task managements features. The pro version starts at $8.25 a month and it includes multiple project members, checklists, and to do list.
    • The MeisterTask dashboard is straight to the point. You will immediately get an overview of what to expect for the today’s tasks. You get to see what’s done, what’s current open, what’s in progress, and what’s for review.

With these tools, there’s no reason for you to be stressed in managing a project. Lesser chances of making a fatal mistake. It’s time to say yes to better planning, and ditch the unorganized ways of collaborating. This is now the modern and smart of doing tasks. You are certain that you are on the same page with all your team members.