What Should A Website Look Like In 2018

Compare a paper map to Google maps or a resume to a LinkedIn profile. You’ll instantly see the astounding benefit of a website. The great thing about a website is its ability to knit emotion and guide into communication and consumption. 

Trends in web technologies constantly change over time. So what is in store for 2018? Expect to see simple designs with stronger emotional charisma. Read on as we talk deeper about what websites will look like in 2018.

Better Typography

Content marketing has resulted in information overload and it doesn’t help with everyone’s limited time. For this reason, web design will evolve and focus more on skimmability. I’m talking about informative subtitles, more headings, and bolded text.

 Several companies, like Intel and Airbnb, develop their own fonts to help define their brand and their company. The “F” in Facebook is pretty iconic in their logo as it offers an identity of their image and brand. This is how strong typography can be. 

Flat Design

The problem with image-heavy websites is that they’re slow to load especially on mobile. The number of mobile searches is increasing and mobile-first design is no longer an option but a necessity. For better mobile performance, designers and developers may create more clean and simple websites.

It doesn’t mean that you have to minimize down to two dimensions. You only need to remove the clutter and focus on the significant parts of your website. Using contrasting right colors, simple imagery, and illustration will make the flat design more eye-catching. 

Micro Experiences

Have you seen little animations or mini-apps embedded in some websites, like Wired Magazine and Website.com? They’re what you call micro-experiences. This will become a trend in 2018 as it offers deeper interaction levels. 

Implementing a voice user interface or chatbots may allow consumers to interact with your website without waiting for your page to reload. Rather than asking your users to submit a form, you can ask them to rate their experience by selecting a number of stars.

Different Domain Suffixes

We are used to websites ending in .com, .org, and .net. But in 2018, there may be more domain suffixes that will arise, such as .city, .social, or .guru. In the near future, you might even see domains already ending in .amazon or .google. 

There is already a long list new domain suffixes applied on the Internet Corporation for Assigned Number and Names (ICANN). Several companies have customized their domain suffixes as part of their brand name including about.me and visual.ly. 

Virtual Reality (VR) Video

We already see a rise of many videos on websites in 2017. It appears that each website has a video introduction so we could see the people behind the products and services that we use daily. We also observe a lot of apps and services that help create videos.

In 2018, expect to see videos to a new level. You might see websites using 360 videos, video mapping, and interactive videos. Although these type of videos might seem expensive and time-consuming, there are actually a few apps that help create VR videos. 

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