What to Look for in an SEO Writer? (Part 1)

An SEO writer ain’t just any other writer. Your SEO writer will be assigned to edit content in order for it to effectively increase incoming traffic into your website. People, from various search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, will rely on what these writers will post.

person writing on a desk

The question now is… Is it enticing enough? Are the word choices able to grab the attention of your target audience? More importantly, are the content posted on your website optimized for the different search engines? So, how should you judge a “good” SEO writer? Well, here are tips for you if you are hiring one.

  1. The basic knowledge of grammar and spelling.

Like any other writer, your SEO writer should be able to understand the essentials of the English grammar. A lot of businesses pay writers to write about SEO, and they deliver. Yes, they know a hefty chunk of SEO terms. However, they fail on the fundamental rules of grammar.

In order to be qualified as a “good” SEO writer, he or she must know the various SEO terms. More importantly, knowledge of grammar and spelling are required in this field. He or she must know the use of punctuation marks. For example, one should not an apostrophe to indicate the plural form of the word. There should be a comma in a compound sentence. “It’s” is totally different from “Its.” These are just one of the few common mistakes people make.

A single grammatical error or a minor misspelt word can taint your credibility. Of course, we all make mistakes, but it does not mean that we should not proofread our articles.  A well-thought of blog post can greatly affect your website in a positive way. Remember, high-quality content is tantamount to being credible. Moreover, people pay attention to even the littlest details. Sure, they won’t buy something from a shady website that has no credibility and authority. Trust is important in this business, and you can start gaining it by publishing reliable content.

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  1. The SEO writer should SEO expert work hand in hand.

In a perfect setting, you would want to your SEO writer and SEO expert to have a good working relationship. The SEO writer should be able to put into words what the SEO expert cannot. They should keep the communication lines open, and they should understand that this is a team effort.

The writer cannot do his job well if the SEO expert fails to cooperate, and vice versa. The writer, the SEO expert, and everyone in the team should work together in order to make sure that the company goals are achieved. If one insists on having his own way, the results won’t be as effective as when a team decides to collaborate and cooperate with each other.

  1. An SEO writer should consider the people first and web crawlers second.

We all know Google uses craw to scour for relevant content. However, the people are your audience. Know what they are searching and provide the possible solutions to their search. If you don’t consider what people want, then, who will click your page? No one!

Besides, Google will penalize your website if the content is obviously created for SEO purposes. Rankings and traffic should not be your sole purpose of publishing content. Write for a specific audience!

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