YouTube SEO Tips That You Need to Know

SEO does not only pertains to your online business website. Did you know that there is also what you call a “YouTube SEO”?

Yes, you read that right. YouTube is not only an avenue for video creators to upload their works and interact with their followers. In fact, YouTube itself is a search engine for all your video content needs.

In this blog post, I will talk about some YouTube SEO tips that you need to know. You will not only boost your website’s SEO rankings, but also on social media sites like YouTube. Below are the SEO tips to apply in order to boost the visibility of your video content:

Keyword research

Like in any other website, you need to do a keyword search. You might think because YouTube is all about videos so you won’t probably need keywords. Wrong!

How will the right words help you? Knowing the right keywords that people use will help you in describing your videos better. Thus, you will have a better understanding on how to name and link your videos.

With the use of the appropriate words, you will get views for your videos. Most importantly, your keyword choices will affect your discoverability. If done right, you will make it easy for people to find your video content. The search engines can easily match your videos and the search queries entered by the users.

Doing a video keyword research.

The question now is… “How do I do it?” The solution is to use the YouTube’s search bar. Yes, you better start searching!

Youtube search bar

Start typing words on the search bar!

To gain new ideas, the YouTube auto-complete will help you. Start typing some keywords relevant to your content and the search bar will suggest the top trending topics or keywords.

Also, you can also do the same research in Google. The video tab will be able to provide you with the best video content related to your keyword search.

If you need more tools in keyword search, here’s a list I made: 5 Free Keyword Research Tools. In that post, you will be able to know about research tools such as Keyword.Guru and  KeywordsEverywhere. Both tools will give you keyword suggestion from popular sites including YouTube.

What keywords to pick?

When choosing your keywords, be sure to not go for the obvious one. Picking the obvious means you would have a lot of competition. So, aim for the “low in competition” and rank for these keywords.

Additionally, YouTube is doing its best to decipher videos. If you can, provide a full script of your video. Don’t forget to mention your keywords throughout your video. This way, you are hinting to YouTube that your video content is relevant to these keywords and such.


Every month, 1.9 billion people use YouTube. Getting a million views means nothing today because people spend BILLIONS of hours watching YouTube videos. Yes, these “billions of hours” could also mean opportunities for your business. So, don’t pass it up! Use this time to widen your audience reach and increase brand awareness.

For part 2, I will discuss the other factors, which are Content Optimization and User Engagement.