YouTube Content Optimization Tips

To recap, I discussed on the previous post the following:

  • Demonstrated how to do a video keyword search,
  • Suggested keyword search tools,
  • Presented tips on what keywords to choose, and
  • Gave other tips on what to do with your videos.

So, if you want catch up on part 1, here’s YouTube SEO Tips That You Need to Know. Now, let’s go to the content optimization portion.

Watching a YouTube video on MacBook Pro

How to make your YouTube videos more visible to your audience?

Content optimization

Here are 5 important tips in optimizing your YouTube videos:

  1. Video Description

Remember,  the description should support the video. Of course, their will be details that are better written than mentioning it on YouTube.

A good video description should also affirms the relevancy of your video. It should be able to give an additional information about the video. Your description can be your “mini introduction” and discuss what you will be tackling on your video. Like with the usual blog posts, you will also need an introduction or an overview before you start with your main points. So, start adding meaningful description to help your viewers know the gist of your videos. If your video did present a useful information, your viewers will surely check your description for website links, social media links, and other contact details.

  1. Timestamp

If you have a lot to talk about on your videos, it’s better to add a timestamps. Video creators add timestamps to help their viewers jump to a specific portion of the video.

Aside from your introduction, it is recommended to add timestamps in the video description. This really helps enhance the user experience and engagement. Because you are making it easy for people to find what they want, they will surely keep coming back to your channel for more videos.

  1. Video Titles

Your title should coincide with the keywords that people are searching. For example, the word “mukbang”; it is such a popular term in video content. This type of video broadcast entails the video host to eat an abundant supply of food.

So, if you are producing more food content, capitalize on the mukbang fad. Whether you will be presenting mukbang recipes or upload your own mukbang feast, make sure to produce videos that are timely and relevant.

At the end of the day, you will gain more views if you strive to create video content that your viewers want. So, know what’s in and what’s not in order to make the best video titles.

  1. Location

If you wish to delve into local SEO, then, don’t forget to add the location of your videos. If you want to get more local viewers, it is the way to go!

  1. Video transcripts

Lastly, video transcripts helps your videos to become accessible to more people. Through the transcripts you provide, you are making it easy for search engines to comprehend your video content. Look at  it this way… for websites, you need an XML sitemap for Google bots to understand your content better. Same is true with YouTube!

When you provide a video transcripts, search engines find it easier to crawl your video content faster and easier. To transcribe your video better, Google published some tips right here.