Phoenix Website Design – 3 Must-Have Tools to Help Get You Started with Your Online Business (Part 3)

By now, you probably have read 3 Must-Have Tools to Help Get You Started with Your Online Business (Part 1) and 3 Must-Have Tools to Help Get You Started with Your Online Business (Part 2) already. But I still have more to share with you guys….

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Shall we go over the final list now?

7. Followerwonk

Social media will only work to your advantage if you have a concrete plan in mind. So, how can you analyze your social media posts? Well, say hello to Followerwonk; it’s a free tool to help decipher what the Twitter analytics data imply. Though it’s seems complicated, trust me,  Followerwonk is extremely easy to use.

What can it do for your business?

  • Find – You can search Twitter profiles and compared them with other accounts. This feature is extremely helpful when you are looking for digital influencers.
  • Analyze – Categorize your followers by their location and by who they follow. It’s easy to compare and contrast your  current standing with your direct competitors.
  • Optimize – Looks into your gains and losses so that you can clearly give what your followers  like best in terms of content.

However, Followerwonk is not available for Facebook, Instagram and other leading social networks. It’s only exclusive for Twitter! So, if your audience is mostly on Twitter, don’t just ignore this FREE tool.

8. ToodleDo

It is more than just creating to-do lists! It allows you to write long notes,  create personalized lists, work on  outlines, and track your activities. ToodleDo is a safe place to collaborate with your team and sync them the data in all your connected devices.

One distinct feature is that ToodleDo calculate which tasks are more feasible to do given your free time. Moreover, it will help you analyze your tasks with the given due dates, suggesting what activities to do first to make use of your time well. Let’s say, you have 3 hours of spare time, ToodleDo can  select a task from your list that doable given the allotted time.

9. All in One SEO Pack

If you created a website using WordPress, then, you add the All in One SEO Pack on your list of plugins. The truth is that online marketing is only a tiny part of search engine optimization (SEO). Aside from the obvious ones like on-page SEO and off-page SEO (or link building), there’s also social media marketing, email marketing, and so on.

Back to All in One SEO Pack, this plugin will help you in terms of:

  • Enhances your page titles to be more appealing to Google and other search engines
  • Adds an appropriate meta descriptions automatically
  • Notifies you to avoid any potential duplicate content
  • Basically, SEO beginners don’t need to tweak the given options. Just install and it will do its magic!

For advanced users, All in One SEO Pack include the following exceptional features:

  • XML Sitemap support
  • RSS Sitemap
  • Google AMP support
  • Google Analytics support
  • Advanced Canonical URLs
  • Notifies search engines about the changes in your website

Currently, the All in One SEO Pack plugin has 2+ million active installations, proving its usefulness to many websites. It’s free, simple, and useful. What more can you ask for? More helpful tools on: Helpful WordPress Plugins Aside from Yoast SEO.