3 Aspects of a Superior Blog Post (Part 1)

I am sure that you have experienced writing a blog post, and then, it went unnoticed. Despite all the effort and research you provided, the blog post did not gain the expected views, shares, and links. Sadly, this situation does happen more often than not. You cannot let this continue because your rankings will suffer.

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With that in mind, I am going to talk about the groundwork for producing the top-notch blog post. If you follow these tops, the quality of your posts will become better and raise the bar higher.

  1. Always know the purpose first. 

  • Ask the question WHY? What is the use of this blog post?
  • It is helpful to know the end so that you can go back to the beginning and clearly define your main points.
  • Reflect upon these questions:
    • Is the blog a source of information?
    • Will you talk about certain topics? Will this be more of a commentary blog?
    • Or, is this blog a place where new trends and new technologies start?
  • Once you clearly established the purpose of your blog in general, then, you can proceed to defining each blog post.
    • Is it to gain readers or is it about gaining more email subscribers?
    • Is it here to support another page or are you doing this for social shares?
    • Is this post something news related or is it an evergreen article?

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  1. Knowing your audience is the next step.

  • Once you are with the purpose, now, you have to define who you are talking to. Of course, if you wish to communicate to the public and give relevant information that will be helpful to everyone, you would NOT fill your posts with jargons and other mechanics.
  • Remember that the blog is not about you. It’s about your audience.
    • Know what they would like to read.
    • Know their concerns and their interests.
    • Know what their problems are. Then, offer solutions that will make their life easier.
  • If you do not know your audience, you will not be able to connect with them. Grab their attention by posting about something they like, and not something YOU like.
  1. Write about a topic you know.

  • When you are knowledgeable about a subject matter, you are definitely qualified to share what you know. If you have NO knowledge about it, then don’t even try.
  • It’s like a singer giving dance tutorials. Your audience would be doubtful of your tips.
  • For you to be an established authority, you need to be an expert, or at least, bear the needed qualifications.
  • Don’t pretend to know a lot about basketball when the truth is you are a soccer player. Your audience will not trust your words. They will surely find another authority to talk about soccer. I’m certain that you would do the same if you are facing the same situation. Am I right?

That ends part 1 of the discussion on the important aspects of a superior quality blog post. Stay tuned for the second part. I will talk about other characteristics such as being able to research well, being original, and being informative.