3 Free SEO Plugins

I’m done discussing with the browser extensions. Now, let’s go to the list of free SEO plugins. For this post, I will elaborate on Chrome and WordPress. I will individually discuss its functionality. I know what you are asking next, “Is available for free?” Yes, they are.

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Without further ado, here they are:

  1. Show Title Tag

  • You might this plugin ain’t pivotal. However, this plugin is helpful when you are editing the title tags of your website. We all know that adding the correct title, URL, and meta descriptions are important on-page SEO factors.
  • So, if you want a handy plugin that’s just embedded in your browser, Show Title Tag will help you check the titles faster. It even notifies if the title is too long, and highlight other areas that needs improvement. The remarks are shown at the bottom of the web page. It will display the full title as what you assigned it.
  • It is also a helpful companion when you are research how other websites do their titles. Browse through your opponents’ website and you immediately see how what titles they give their web pages.
  • This is made by Martin Dalgaard, and it’s great for people using Google Chrome.
  1. Yoast SEO

  • Yoast SEO is probably the most downloaded plugin I’ve ever known. With over 5 million downloads, it proves to be the quintessential plugin your website needs.
  • It started out in 2008, and now, it has added to countless popular websites. Why wouldn’t they? Yoast SEO helps websites to earn the top spot in SERPs.
  • The plugin considers both the web visitors and the search engine crawlers. It will help you with your title tags and meta tags. To market your posts better, Yoast SEO will aid in have better page titles and excerpts. It will show you how your post will look in the search engine results page.
  • Your content is also being checked. With Yoast SEO, the blog posts on your website are being evaluated in terms of readability, keyword density, and SEO-friendliness. Furthermore, it notifies you for duplicate pages so you won’t get reprimanded by Google.
  • The basic Yoast SEO is downloadable for free. However the premium version offers a broader scale of features.
  1. SEO Framework

  • SEO Framework offers a wide array of tools. You can avail the bundle and download all of it in one go. However, these are part of their premium services.
  • The basic and free set includes AMP, Incognito, Origin, and Title. The AMP plugin is made to your web pages load quickly. You can intergrate AMP into your WordPress website. If you find annotations confusing and vague, the Incognito plugin can help you. It uses filter to render annotations void.
  • Meanwhile, the Origin plugin is responsible guiding back the visitors to the best page available. After they accessed an attachment page, the plugin will help them take a step back and move to the parent page. Lastly, the Title plugin is similar to the Show Title Tag. It ensures that there is an appropriate tile. The title output is what you configured to be and not a truncated version provided by WordPress.
  • So, that’s the rundown of the free SEO Framework tools.  I hope you this list helpful to your search of light yet impressive plugins.