What Can You Do to Avoid Emails Going to Spam?

Spending hours of writing the email is utterly useless if that email will just end up in the spam folder. No one would want their efforts to go to waste. The aim here is to reach the inbox and not the spam. An extremely important email could be on the line here.

It can be disappointing for both the sender and receiver of the email. With that being said, what can we do to avoid emails landing in spam? If you see an email labeled as spam when it’s a legit email, there could be many reasons behind it as what I discussed here. For now, let’s go through the list of things you can do to make sure emails go to the primary inbox.

Scan for legit emails.
  • The first thing you can do is to look through all the contents of the spam folder and start searching for legitimate emails filtered as spam. Then, go ahead and mark these emails as “not spam.”
    • Note: every email service provider may use slightly different words, but you get the point. Click anything that’s equivalent to “not spam,” or “mark as not spam.” The point is that by doing this action, the spam filter will not send future emails to spam. So, make sure to regularly check your spam folder and mark emails as not spam.
Virus scanners may affect sending and receiving.
  • The second tip is that some security programs or antivirus applications may interfere in sending and receiving emails. Turn it off when necessary.
Move important emails.
  • The next tip is to check the desktop version of your email program. I use Gmail on my mobile to respond to emails, but I still make it a point to visit the web interface. I would suggest that you do the same.
  • Not only that, once you are on desktop mode, move important emails to the primary inbox. Emails that need urgent attention may end up going to other tabs such as the social tab or the promotions tab.
  • You may follow these instructions, and you can even tell your subscribers to do the same so that all your emails will surely end up in the main inbox.
    1. Look for emails in the promotions tab. Click and drag them to the primary tab.
    2. Gmail will then notify you if you want to do this for all the future emails from the sender. Choose YES, and all the future emails will surely land on the primary inbox.
Add the sender to your contacts.
  • The 3rd tip is to add the sender to your address book. If the sender is not on your list of email addresses, then, there’s a higher chance that the spam filters will mark it as spam.
  • Moreover, if your email service provider has an additional feature to “whitelist” emails, please use this because it will greatly help in avoiding emails to be mistakenly tagged as spam.
  • You can tell your subscribers to whitelist all your future emails. It can be done in just 1 easy step:
    1. Tell your subscribers to whitelist your emails upon sending your welcome emails.
    2. This way, your subscribers will keep receiving your emails. Also, this establishes that your sender reputation is high enough. Thus, ensuring a greater inbox delivery rate for your emails.