Phoenix Website Design – 3 Important Characteristics of a Great Website (Part 1)

You might be curious and ask, “What makes a website great?”, “What is a good indication for a website to be great among other websites out there?” Well, you are in luck. In this post, I am planning to dissect every little detail. This will be divided into multiple posts to cover all the bases. I will be very specific in each element so you will learn exactly what you need to do.

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Number 1: It contains useful content.

Of course, without enough content, a website will be useless. It is essential in achieving success online. Google and users are always searching for the best content that will quench the thirst for knowledge. You can easily tell if one is liking your content basing on the following:

  • bounce rate – if the bounce rate is high, it means that users are quickly leaving your site.
  • average session duration – this is the total time of all the pages clicked. Individual sessions depend on whether a user engaged with the content.
  • time in site – if the average time they spend in your site, it means they are reading or browsing longer.

There are still other factors to consider. Anyway, here are the related articles regarding content:

Number 2: It is mobile-friendly.

Today, in the world of online search, almost 80% of searchers are using mobile phones. Not only that, 57% of them use multiple devices. So, if they used a tablet in scrolling for news, they probably have another smart phone ready to receive emails and such. You really can’t deny the vastness of the mobile sector. The numbers are even increasing! People prefer to use mobile devices in order to cope with the fast-paced lifestyle we now have.

Yes, even Google likes a mobile-friendly website. So, if your website isn’t accommodating to all mobile users, then, it ain’t great in Google’s eyes. Hence, don’t expect a higher ranking in the Google search results.

What should you do?

  • Make sure there aren’t any scroll bars on the mobile view.
  • The texts are readable and aren’t a major eye straub!
  • Users can easily find what they want without much clicks.

Lastly, check how mobile-friendly your website is. Visit the Mobile-Friendly Test created by Google.

Number 3: It loads swiftly!

If you visit Think with Google, you would know that as the page load time increases, the bounce rate also increases. This means, the longer your website loads, the bigger chance the user will just bounce to another website.

Let me be very concrete… If the load time is around 1-3 seconds, the bounce rate increases by 32%. However, if it takes around 10 seconds to load, the bounce rate is amplified to 123%. That’s more than 100%! So, if your website takes that long, surely, people will leave your website! Just like mobile-friendliness, Google values website speed. No one likes a slow website.

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