Phoenix Website Design – 3 Important Characteristics of a Great Website (Part 2)

What makes a website great? In order to be great website, it should do these 5 things:

  • Fulfill user’s search intent,
  • Make users happy,
  • Give the users what they want,
  • Provide search engines useful content,
  • And generate traffic and sales for the business owner.

Of course, to do this, you have to remember what I discussed on 3 Important Characteristics of a Great Website (Part 1).

MacBook Pro on top of brown wooden showing a website

Plus, I will add more characteristics below. You have to read them carefully:

Number 4: It has applied optimizations for SEO.

Adding useful content is good, but applying SEO optimizations are way better. You have to make sure that the content you published are optimized for search engines as well. In short, Google has to also understand what the page is about.

SEO can either be on-page, off-page, or technical. In this portion, I am talking about the things you can enhance in your website itself. This is what you call on-page SEO.

To understand on-page SEO better, here are the links to help you:

Number 5: Trusted by its users.

To be honest, trust comes easy if you just fulfill what you promised your users. If you don’t give them false hopes, then, they will easily trust your website.

However, if you start selling questionable products or provide mediocre content, they won’t trust a word you are saying.

Value your users because they bring in the money. If you treat them with the utmost respect, they will surely trust and patronize your website. If you will just trick them, don’t expect trust from your users.

Here are the benefits of trust to a website:

  • Users will share your content on their social media accounts.
  • They will mention your brand.
  • They will be loyal followers of your website.
  • Most importantly, they will become loyal customers of your products.

Number 6: It has a visible contact information.

Often times, people search because they need something. Most probably, they need your contact to call your delivery hotline. Perhaps, they need to visit your physical store and need specific directions. They searched for your company because they have official business. This is why online guides emphasize on the NAP (Name, Address, Phone number.)

If you have a website that has no contact information, then, what’s the point of your website?! You are creating a barrier between you and your customers.  A website should be a way for people to get in touch with your brand. See: How to Create the Ideal “About the Company” Page?

Usually, the “Contact Us” page is on the upper part of the page. It is best if you include your contact page as part of your main navigation.

Add essential details such as:

  • phone number(s),
  • an email address,
  • a Google map of your physical store,
  • the official social media accounts,
  • and a contact form to send in questions.

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