5 More Tips for People to Notice Your Business Page on Facebook

Who would have thought Facebook would grow as huge as it is today? It was just a school-based social network back then. Tables turned when Facebook started acquiring other businesses. Facebook had a penchant of making new companies into something big.

Facebook page on an iPhone X

In fact, it was in 2010 when Facebook purchased Instagram, a photo-sharing application, for a whopping $1 billion. Before the acquisition, Instagram only had 30 million users. Now, it has over 400 million users! See, Facebook can indeed transform lives. You can also do the same for your business. In a previous post, I already talked about 4 Tips for People to Notice Your Business Page on Facebook. This time, I will share 5 more tips for you.

1.       Share you Blog Posts

Since Facebook has a wider reach, it is only practical to share on your business page your latest updates including your blog. Whether you have a website on WordPress whatever platform, always make sure to share them on Facebook. You can manually copy and paste the link to your page, or you may also automate the process. There are tools such as Blog 2 Social and Dlvr.It that make sharing easy. As soon as you publish a new post, these tools will automatically share your post on the Facebook page.

2.      Create an Event

On Facebook, there are various feature to help you, and one of it is the EVENTS section. You can organize an event regarding your business, browse other related events, and know upcoming events near you. Whether your business is about Art, Crafts, Dance, Drinks, and so on, the events feature will surely help you spread the word. Just make sure to provide the important details such as the location, the time and date.

3.      Monitor Your Page

It’s not all the time that you have to bombard the audience with new information. Sometimes, it is best to just sit and monitor your progress so far. Through your Facebook page dashboard, I’m sure that Facebook is sharing important data. Take time to analyze the user engagements and the increasing numbers. Are you moving closer to your goal? Look at the figures.

4.       Do a Giveaway

To be honest, it’s boring if you just stick to the cycle of posting and sharing. Through running a contest, you can spice things up. You can get more interactions from your loyal followers, and even to new ones. Run a photo sharing contest, where fans will just have to “like and share” a photo you provided. If you want specific conditions to be met, you can use apps like Rafflecopter and Gleam. With these tools, you can easily create and manage a giveaway. Once the giveaway ends, the system will randomly pick a winner. This way, you are sure that everyone has equal chances of winning. You will not create doubt in the minds of your Facebook fans. Best of all, there’s NO coding required.

5.       Add Your Own Twist

Of course, things will get boring from the constant routine. However, you can always go off-topic for a change. From time to time, post about something different. As long as a topic is useful to your audience, I don’t see anything wrong with that.