Phoenix Website Design – 3 Must-Have Tools to Help Get You Started with Your Online Business (Part 2)

In 3 Must-Have Tools to Help Get You Started with Your Online Business (Part 1), I already shared three free tools that help you in every step of the way. Now, I will share more useful tools in order to help your business to continually grow. Some tools may be familiar to you, but stick around because you might discover a thing or two.

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At the end of the day, these tools aim to simplify tasks without spending as much. So, are you excited to know more about the different tools to help your new business?

4. Tweetdeck

Today, it’s impossible not to include social media in your marketing plans as practically everyone you know is on, at least one, social media platform. If these people are more active on Twitter, then, you are in luck. Tweetdeck is a tool to track and organize all your engagements on Twitter. It’s easy to know what tweets worked and what didn’t. Best of all, you can schedule your future tweets with this tool!

No matter what industry your business is under, social media is important in order to survive in this ever-changing digital landscape. Other social media sites, like Facebook, already has a built-in feature in order to schedule posts on business pages. If you are just starting, it’s not bad to utilize these free tools. However, the downside is that they will be time consuming for you to switch to different platforms. If you want a more easier option to manage social media accounts, proceed to the next number.

5. Hootsuite

If you plan to automate your post on all your social media accounts, then, Hootsuite is the solution for you. No matter what platform, this helps you plan your social media posts ahead of time. Hence, saving you more time for other things to do.

The only downside? It’s a paid service. Like I said, if you don’t mind manually scheduling posts, then, read tip #4. However, if you want a faster approach, then, give this a try. For only $19.00 a month, you are allowed to add 10 different social media accounts and to schedule an unlimited number of posts.

Other notable features include:

  • Use premade replies to make your responses appear more professional.
  • Reply to messages and comments without switching to different platforms. It’s all in one dashboard!
  • Know the post with most interactions and engagements in order to develop more marketing strategies.

With Hootsuite, you won’t ever get frustrated with handling different social media accounts all at the same time. No need to hire a social media manager because Hootsuite is ready to help you. Whatever you decide to use, please remember the 4 Things You Should NOT Do on Social Media.

6. Google Analytics

A list of free tool won’t be complete without Google Analytics because, let’s face it, Google Analytics help you understand your website, making it easier to track your web visitors. I don’t mean this in a creepy way. What I meant was track in a way that you will know where your traffic comes from!

The Google Analytics can quickly tell you that whether the traffic comes from an organic search (or search engine), a social media posting, a referral site, or from a direct link. Upon knowing the area with the most traffic, you can formulate more strategies in the future to fit this newly acquired data.


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