3 Tips to Improve Link Building Efforts (Part 2)

For you to gain natural links, promoting your website will definitely take time. As discussed in part 1, it may not need intense SEO knowledge, but it does need extreme effort on your part. Links have to be natural and it’s not something forced.

People connecting puzzle pieces together.

Connection have to be organic.

Here are tips for you to gain more natural links:

  1. Guest on a Podcasting Show

Podcasting becoming more and more popular these days. In fact, streaming sites such as Spotify carry podcasts on their library. They not only have a variety of songs, but you can also listen to audio podcasts. If you are interested in submitting your podcasts, check out this Spotify guide.

So, when an opportunity comes, do not hesitate to guest on a podcast show or to be interviewed by a podcaster. Who knows what it bring your site? A link may not be guaranteed, but you are sure that you are promoting your website. At the end of the day, the goal is to spread the word and to inform the public about your website.

  1. Connect with Your Audience.

In part 1, I suggested to build relationships and interact with the industry leaders. This time, I will remind you to do the same with your audience, friends, and to the people around your circle.

Try to connect with these people because they can bring more connections to you. A connection can be as simple as a social media interaction, an online endorsement or review. It can even be a referral to a blog post you published.

Remember, create blog post without spammy links. This is a sure way to ensure that you are reliable and that you are deserving of natural links. Building relationships may be an old marketing tactic, but it still works up to this day.

For you to earn a friend, you first have to be a friend to others. Same with links; you need to link other websites, and backlinks will just come naturally.

  1. Follow the Skyscraper Technique.

This tip is from Backlinko. If you want to learn more about it, you can view Brian Dean’s article right here. To summarize his point, this method entails finding the highlight of linkable content. Then, you try to work around that topic or keyword. You make your own version by adding more stats and research figures.

If you saw a blog post about 3 link building myths to abandon, then you can post about the “5 tips to improve your link building strategy.” If the topic is about fashion trends, then write about beauty tips. You get the point.

So, whatever is the topic, there will be always a room for improvement. You can always add your own spin on things. Just remember to find your niche and do your research. Study the topic well so that you will have the right knowledge.


There is no easy way of boosting your link building efforts. You have to treat everyone with respect and utmost importance. Most importantly, you have to learn how to listen. The people you meet may share a valuable advice with lifelong benefits. If you want to proceed to part 3, please refer to: 3 Tips to Improve Link Building Efforts (Part 3)