Phoenix Web Design – 4 More Elements That Should Be In Your Product Page

Person Browsing a Website's Product Page

Person Browsing a Website’s Product Page

If your online store is not gaining any revenue lately, it’s probably not the product that’s faulty. Perhaps, you need to tweak your product page. You may need to enhance your product page and add certain elements that effectively turn web visitors to customers.

In this blog post, I’m going to share 4 more page elements you can add to your product to convert web visitors. Previously, I have shared 4 elements already so this post is just a continuation of that.

Be sure to include these elements in your product page:


    • When you are selling popular products, most likely you are not the one selling it. So, try to be different and don’t just the description given by the manufacturer. That will just make another generic product page that sells the same merchandise.
    • An online store tried to change their product description and the results were very clear. The website gained an 84% increase in web traffic by editing 10% of the descriptions. Surely, the impact would be greater if the online store wrote descriptions to more of its product pages.
    • Give a detailed product description because like product photos, the descriptions help customers imagine themselves using the product. So, indicate how the product will make their daily lives easier.

    • Of course, customers will always have questions regarding the product. Not everything will be discussed in the given description because it will just make your product descriptions boring and longer than usual. So, you can talk about the specific details on an FAQ page.
    •  You can include a link to the FAQ page on every product page. The goal here is to answer common questions, and to alleviate the customers’ doubt. They will understand more about your products, and know more how you do business.

    • In 2017, more than 34% of online sales were achieved using mobile devices. As more and more people rely on their mobile phones, the numbers are predicted to skyrocket in the coming years.
    • This is an indication for you to optimize not just the desktop version of your website, but also the mobile version. Both desktop and mobile should reflect the same information. The style, format, theme, color scheme should be consistent with the desktop version.

    • In this day and age, people have a fear of missing out on things. So, when customers see that you have a flash sale for only one day, they will immediately add items on their cart. Use this fear as a leverage for your website to gain more traffic and revenue.
    • There will be a sense of urgency if you add countdown timers on your home page. Also, add huge banners that the sale will end soon.  They will surely click it so make sure a list of discounted products will be provided.
    • For more psychological tricks you can add on your website, I have listed them all here.