4 Practical Tips When You Have New SEO Customers

Acquiring new SEO customers would mean new opportunities for you. This is your chance to make a good impression, to instruct your customers, to get to know their business, to talk about your SEO strategies, and to establish a strong customer service.

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There are specific things you need to convert these ordinary customers to satisfied customers. You will need to accommodate the customer’s need s and you actions to take to deliver and perform well.

  1. Be Inspired.

This is the time to get excited because this new business ventures and new partnerships. New customers will come to you for the following reasons…

  • This might be their first time to encounter the world of SEO.
  • They might be curious what will SEO bring to the table.
  • These businesses will be looking forward for the new opportunities that SEO would pick up along the way.

For you, this could be the 100th business you would handle. It could be another mundane project to fix. Treat every business as a unique learning experience.

A new customer would mean another chance for you to improve your skills and learn new things. The SEO industry is always expanding. This is also a once-in-a-lifetime experience to meet new SEO professionals and learn new special skill sets.

Lack of eagerness would imply you are uninterested and would affect how other people will see your business.

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  1. Include the Customer to the Equation.

You might think that it helps if you only include the customer at the end when the results are ready.  It is best to include them while you do the project. The best results can only be achieve you collaborate and consider their inputs too!

When you incorporate the customers, it’s not just on the creative side, but also they can help in defining the main focus of the website or project on hand. This is your time to create something unique together. That way, it won’t be just another project to you. There’s something that definitely sets it apart from the rest. It also is easier to:

  • make the necessary changes.
  • cut out hindrances.
  • reinforce that agreement the customers agreed upon.
  1. Create New Processes & Improve Existing Ones.

When you have a new SEO customer, you and your team should be clear on the following:

  • The goals and the objectives.
  • The designation of the different tasks.
  • Key personnel. Who to report to if the need arises.
  • Project milestones.
  • Product information.
  • Coherent reports and updates.
  1. It’s Okay to Pause and Reflect.

Once you have welcomed everyone to the team and implemented the specific accounts and emails, it is also important to pause and evaluate the current standing of the project. Take a look at the bigger picture.

When a team member is too excited to start with a project, there’s a chance that the whole team will miss a crucial step. So, don’t get too excited to begin with project right away. Approach it with a clear head.

Of course, being excited is a good thing. You look forward to working with the team and start a new adventure. However, if you are quick at making rash decisions, it could cause problems in the future. If you need to, take a step back and the set clearer objectives in terms of SEO and the overall focus of the website.