4 Technical SEO Tips to Apply Right Now (Part 1)

We all know SEO is such a broad topic. In fact, SEO is divided into 3 main parts:

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO
  3. Technical SEO

For this blog post, I will only discuss the technical aspect. If you want to learn about on-page SEO, I posted a blog about Understanding On-Page SEO. I am particularly concerned with technical SEO because it helps enhance the searchability of an online website.

Person inputting his credit card details on a retail site.

So, if you are into online selling, you should not pass up the 4 technical SEO tips listed below.

  1. Upgrade user experience to be mobile-first index.
  • In other words, prioritize mobile users. Your website developer should make the mobile variant the main website for indexing. In 2018, 52.2% of the web traffic came from mobile phones.
  • See, you can’t just shrug off the 52.2% of the worldwide traffic. More than half of the worldwide population of internet users are mobile users!
  • Aside from that, you need to make sure that your mobile users can easily find the different products easily. The buying process should be smooth and it should be able doable in just a few clicks.
  • Of course, it does not mean that a mobile website is bare. There should be images and animations to inform the visitors of the different promos and deals on your site. When necessary, add a call-to-action button to guide the customers to the products that they want.
  1. Add alt texts to images.
  • You would NOT be able to sell any product without the use of images. An ecommerce website should have the appropriate image. Also, it should have a designated alt text that serves as a description.
  • For example, a front cover of a CD should have an alt text like “official soundtrack CD of the Korean Drama: The Secret Garden.”
  • This is your chance to describe well your product. Remember, alt texts are helpful to both customers and bots. With the right alt text, they can identify what the image pertaining to in case it will fail to load properly.
  • Moreover, alt texts are helpful to people who are using screen readers. People with visual impairments won’t find it a hassle to shop on your online store.
  1. Redirect customers to the right place.
  • When websites have an out-of-stock product, the web pages won’t usually go astray because there is NO such product available. This would lead to a 404 page not found error, which can really irritate customers.
  • If you would encounter an error while doing your online shopping, how would you feel? Of course, you will be feel bad. Why would the page display an error when you are finally buying it, right?
  • So, to avoid any negative reactions from your customer, help them resolve the issue. Redirect them back to the product page. Perhaps, you could suggest related products. Guide your customers to a place where they can continue shopping.
  • Don’t be your own enemy. If the product goes out-of-stock, apologize and redirect them to other pages that may interest your customers.
  1. Simplify the content of the product page.
  • The product page is there for your customers to understand well what you are selling.
  • Don’t try to overwhelm them with confusing product descriptions. Instead, try to conversational. Talk to them as if you are talking to a friend.
  • By using plain language, you are trying to help them understand your products. Keep it simple and concise. So, don’t try to impress them with long and winding paragraphs.