YouTube User Engagement Tips

Undoubtedly, your SEO strategy won’t thrive without your target users. Thus, the emphasis on user engagement. Aside from page views and conversion rates, it is one of the missing puzzle piece. Sadly, user engagement is often ignored.

YouTube home page on a Safari browser

For any website or online business to work, a user should frequently be visiting or logging in a website. There is no definite rules on user engagement. It highly depends on your goals. For blogs, you would want readers to view and leave comments. For retail sites, you would want sales and not just page views.

User Engagement on YouTube

Engagement is an integral part of YouTube SEO. Whether you admit or not, the number of views is not the only barometer. Of course, you would want you viewers to be engaged with whatever it is that you upload.

For search engines, it is important to know the user behavior. Your users will be Google’s basis in checking whether this video is indeed helpful or not. Then, Google can give the video a rank it deserves.

That is why it is extremely important to know the following:

  • The watch time:
    • How much time do the viewers spend in watching your videos? Of course, it is a good sign if they spend hours and hours. This would automatically mean that your video is something they want to watch.
  • The likes, comments, and shares:
    • The number of likes is an indication of user engagement. You would know that a video is relevant for them because they clicked on the “like” button. Otherwise, the dislikes would be swarming your videos.
    • Another important metric is the comments section. If people would love your video, they would obviously comment and express their delight. Same with their grievances. If they don’t like something, they would immediately express their disapproval.
    • Lastly, the number of shares increase the chances of your videos to be watched by millions of people. The more shares a video gets, the more popular it will become. Shares can exponentially increase not only the video views, but also the user engagement.
  • The number of subscribers:
    • A clear sign of user engagement is when you get new subscribers after uploading a video content. If someone subscriber to your channel, this simply means that people appreciate your videos and they find it relevant.
  • The click-through rate (CTR):
    • Finally, we go to the CTR. Basically, this is the number of clicks your videos are getting.
    • For example, if your videos do not get that many clicks, then, the title may not be appealing for them to click. Thus, you can greatly enhance your CTR by formulating an engaging and catchy title. Not only that, the video thumbnail should also grab the attention of the viewers.
    • Remember, do not try to deceive your viewers with misleading titles or thumbnails because YouTube will know basing from the previous 3 metrics I just discussed. If you want to get more views, read on the YouTube Content Optimization Tips.


In terms of video content, YouTube is the leading platform. It would be a shame to not take advantage of the 1.9 billion people who use YouTube. Bigger opportunities await for your brand and website. Because of YouTube, you can widen your audience reach. So, strengthen your YouTube SEO and know the 3 main sections: keyword research, content optimization, and user engagement.