4 Tips for People to Notice Your Business Page on Facebook

Remember your life without Facebook? You probably would not want to go to back. Well, how can you? Facebook has everything. Today, Facebook is more than a website where people interact. Facebook has expanded to more than just status updates, posting photos, and chatting with friends.  You can even shop on Facebook. In fact, many international brands have put up their own Facebook page. For loyal customers, it’s now easier to catch up with what’s new. Not only that, they can stay updated with their favorite brands in just a click of a button. Indeed, Facebook has overtaken the world!

Facebook login page

Boosting your Business on Facebook

As of December 2018, there are over 2.3 billion active users every month. It’s no doubt that Facebook is included in today’s most valuable companies. You can’t simply shrug those numbers because it can definitely help your growing business. Here are 4 tips in penetrating into the world of Facebook:


1.       Decorate the Page

What will the user first see on your page? It will be your cover photo, your profile picture, and your bio. This is your first opportunity to introduce your brand to your potential customers. Of course, you would want to impress them, right? You can only encourage them to like and share your page if your business page is well-adorned with a variety of content.

2.      Provide Multimedia Content

In the realm of Facebook, you have a lot of competitors. There are various businesses vying for the attention of the user. Trust me, they can be distracted easily by a funny meme or a movie trailer. More than clever status updates, I think you should utilize all the available options. You can upload photos and videos of your products. Heck, you can even add animated GIFs for an added fun factor! Do everything you can to grab the attention of your audience. Connect with them through visual arts!

3.      Do the Asking

In the first 2 tips, you are the one providing data. Why not switch roles? Instead, let them do the taking. Try to ask the audience a question. Honestly, it doesn’t have to be a tough one. You can do a fill in the blanks type of questionnaire. For instance, I want to more _____. The answer really depends on the audience. Would they want more product options, fashion trends, coupon codes, or contests? The point is that this will be the quickest way to know their opinion. After all, your business is dependent on what your audience wants. If they will engage more to your content, it would mean having a more dedicated audience. Who wouldn’t want a loving and loyal fan, right?

4.      Add Your Contact Details

Make it easy for people to contact you. The mere fact that they searched your business is already a positive indication. That means they are interested doing business with you! So, be friendly and approachable so that they will not hesitate in messaging you. Most importantly, provide important details like business address, phone number, email address, and a map.



In a previous post, I have talked about the role of social media in boosting brand advocacy. Thus, it is really important to use social media especially if you are promoting a business.