5 Easy Ways to Improve Content (Part 2)

The best way to market your content is through customer insight. It is not just knowing what your customers want, but knowing how your products make a difference in their lives. Ask what features they love and what they want to see more in the future. So, before we get into some serious business, here are 5 quick ways in order to improve the blogs you post.

Photo Of People Sitting On Couch

  1. Less is more.
  • It’s not always the better option just because it’s longer. Take for example the videos Instagram. It only has a minute in terms of duration. So, you have to maximize that time given to make the best content you can think of.
  • You don’t have the whole day to explain your products. Just give a quick run through of what you have. People now value purpose. Your content should be able to teach and guide people in the quickest way possible.
  1. Fun isn’t bad.
  • Like what I said in part 1, digital media does not necessarily follow the usual norm. So, loosen up a bit. Your posts need not to be formal at all times.
  • When the topic is light and comedic, emojis are not forbidden. To be honest, there’s even a study that proved emojis help in getting emails opened. People open emails more when they see an emoji on the headline.
  • So, this just means that adding a funny GIF or inserting a sticker message is not bad for business. In fact, it is doing the opposite. I think people are clamoring for a more fun and entertaining content.
  1. Analyze the results.
  • Most of the time, numerous businesses just look at reports and they DO NOT dig deeper into these important reports.
    • When reviewing the results, ask these questions:
      • What are the results?
      • What is it trying to pinpoint?
      • What should I do basing from these data?
  • There should be an action to every analytics report. It does have to be big that’s very noticeable for everyone to see. You just have to take baby steps, and implement new changes little by little.
  1. Find a connection.
  • There are times when content fails because you are trying to connect 2 unrelated subjects. What the relevance of coffee to dancing, or music to blankets?
  • If you want your content to be effective, there has to be some kind of a connection between the things that you will write about. Find ways of connecting topics together even to the most trivial detail. Make it fascinating for your audience, and add some fun factor if you have to!
  1. Utilize other channels too.
  • Many people are on Facebook and that is a fact. Everyone you know is probably on Facebook. However, there are other channels too in order to promote your content.
  • There are many social media apps you can download on your phone. To name a few, there’s Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. For video apps, there’s Twitch, Periscope, Vimeo, and Youtube.
  • Try and explore the other social channels because you could reach far more audience there than just by sticking to one platform.


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