A List of FREE Spam Checkers

If you followed the tips I wrote on this post, you will know the different ways to prevent emails from being mistakenly identified as spam. Another way to fight against spam is using spam checkers. Many internet service providers grant a free spam protection to their users as a standard practice. Just make sure to switch it on.

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However, if you are still worried about the fact that your emails will go straight to spam, I will discuss a list of spam checkers you can use to inspect your emails for issues.

  1. Spam Check by Postmark

  • For starters, you can check the spam score of all your email messages. Made by Postmark, this lightweight app is available for free.  Just visit Spam Check by Postmark and scan any incoming or outgoing email messages.
  • So, how does this work? Just go to Postmark’s website to paste a message along with its header and its content. It will automatically give you the spam score of that email. You don’t need to install anything on your computer.
  1. isNOTspam

  • Yes, the name is really isNOTspam, and I assure you that it is NOT spam. If you are on a tight budget, isNOTspam is another free alternative in order to check your emails for any issues.
  • How do you use it? All you need to do is write a test email and send it to the address listed on their website. After that, you will receive an online report if there are any problems. To ensure your emails will not go to spam, isNOTspam do an SPF Check, Sender-ID Check, DomainKeys Check, DKIM Check, and SpamAssassin Check.
  1. SpamScoreChecker

  • Another platform similar to isNOTspam is SpamScoreChecker. This tool check for the email’s SpamAssassin score. Yes, like the first 2 tools, it is still free. Just send your email message to the address provided on the website. If you are interested in availing premium services, check them out right here.
  1. Mail-Tester

  • If you want to “Test the Spammyness of your Emails” as the website suggests, Mail-Tester is an easy to use website that will do that for free. First, you need to send an email and they will do their magic to test the spammyness.
  1. Blacklist Check

  • Spam filters tag legit emails as spam for many reasons, and one reason could be because your IP address is blacklisted. Aside from checking your email service, you should also check your IP address if it’s blacklisted or not.
  • One of the popular websites that verify this info is Blacklist Check. If your mail server has been blacklisted, emails may not be 100% delivered to the intended recipients.  Blacklist Check will check if your IP address is listed in more than 100 DNS based list.
  1. Litmus

  • If you want a paid option, then, Litmus is the answer. Litmus offers a wide variety of products that works well your existing email software. With its set of email optimization, Litmus ensures that emails will not go to spam. It can also identify pressing issues that forbids your emails from being successfully delivered to the primary inbox.