Reasons Why Emails Go to Spam (Part 1)

No one likes SPAM messages, but they end up on our inbox. Why on earth do some legitimate emails go to spam? There are thing that does not make sense!

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In this blog post, I will share some of the reasons why not-so-spammy emails get marked as spam. It happens more often than not; emails mistakenly go to spam when it should not. Your email marketing campaigns may fail because you can’t even reach the primary inbox. To enlighten you, read on the 4 reasons below.

  1. You bought an email list.
  • If ever thought of buying an email list to promote your products, I’m telling you to STOP.
  • This is not the right direction to take. Increasing your email subscribers through buying an email list will NEVER work.
  • You may gain thousands, or even millions, of followers. Remember that you are not sure if these emails are owned by actual people or these are just bots.
  • Stop wasted money and buying potential emails for a few hundred dollars. Purchased email lists will stain your reputation as a legitimate email sender. Sending emails to the questionable list will alarm your email service providers that you sending unsolicited emails to a bunch of people.
  • Plus, your emails won’t probably end up in the inbox. They will head straight to spam. The more spam emails you send, the more chances you will named as a spammer.
  • So, please don’t send emails to lists with questionable origins. It will send even your genuine emails to spam!
  1. Be careful what you say.
  • Email service providers have a built-in system to check for spam. There are certain words that can trigger spam. Avoid hazardous words that can activate strict spam filters. Words such as FREE, $$$, BUY, AMAZING PRODUCT, and many others can increase the chance of your emails to end up in spam.
  • Aside from that, when you add links in your email message, please make sure you are linking real and authentic sites. If websites you add are shady, then, your emails will also be shady.
  • Don’t say too much. Sending a 30kb (or less) email is okay so do not send an email more than that size. Also, find the right image to text ratio. Attaching too many texts will just bore your audience.

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  1. Use a dependable email service.
  • Speaking of email service providers, there are a lot of ESPs out there. I’m not going to recommend you one because it is a matter of personal preference. Dubious ESPs may have low inbox placement rates. Major email providers such as AOL, Gmail, Yahoo! may block email from suspicious ESPs.
  • So, check if you are about to sign up on an ESP, be sure they can guarantee that your emails end up in the primary inbox. Choose a credible platform that has a strong partnership with other mailbox providers.

I will discuss more reasons why email go to spam on the next post. For now, I will leave you with What Can You Do to Avoid Emails Going to Spam? I talked about the different tips in successfully avoiding the spam folder.