A List of the Common Worries for SEO Beginners (Part 2)

SEO has a lot of misconceptions especially to people unfamiliar to the people who are unfamiliar how it works. To address the lingering concerns, I decide to write a list of some of the common concerns. If you missed part 1, here’s the link.

Woman Looking so Worried

Because SEO is not something you can master right away, I totally understand the concerns. However, that does not mean people can call it a “scam” or a “gimmick”. With the right knowledge, the investment of time, and the intense dedication behind it, SEO efforts will surely produce positive results. So, it’s time to leave these SEO misconceptions behind:

4. The fines and fees

  • Ever since the 2 major Google updates, Google has been strict in implementing penalties. The “Panda” algorithm update has been implemented to help more people gain high-quality websites.
  • To attain high-quality websites, people should emphasize on user experience and not worry too much on how Google ranks.
  • Search is not just something linear; it is constantly evolving and changing. You have to keep up with these changes and not be desperate in applying dubious link habits.

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  • If you don’t fully understand any algorithmic changes, regularly check the official Google webmaster blog for any major updates. Also, learn how to disavow links and not be scared of the “penalties”.
  • SEO beginners can get intimidated because one small move could mean fines and fees. Don’t get too scared about committing mistakes. To be honest, these SEO mistakes can be totally avoided.

5. The public opinion

  • Some businesses are apprehensive in choosing to use SEO because they think it taint the trust they earned. They see SEO as something that could negatively impact their business.
  • The truth is, SEO is not the same as it was in 1999. Today, manipulative SEO tricks are hard to go undetected. So, you are sure that SEO now ensures superior content and valuable backlinks.

6. The targeted keywords

  • As a SEO newbie, you might be worried on how to reach your target audience and target keywords. Search is a wide and expansive world. In the world of SEO, there are thousands of keywords you can choose to rank. Luckily for you, there’s a lot of room for everyone; your keyword choices are dependent on the search volume, the competition, the relevance to your business.
  • Yes, it may seem too convoluted, but keyword research is easier than it seems. You might want to learn more about it, and read about the FREE keywords tools you can use. This will give you a head start and things won’t be as difficult anymore.

7. The complications

  • The outright difficulties presented can send people away from SEO. There are several ranking factors that can influence your website standing. If you want to know more about where to concentrate your efforts, here’s the list of SEO Factors to Closely Track This 2019.
  • More often than not, SEO factors are interrelated. It will some time to learn about SEO, but once you understand one point, then, the rest will easily come to you.