Phoenix Website Design – Conquering the SERPs with WordPress (Part 1)

If you are wondering what would be your BEST option in conquering the online world, I would tell you — it’s WordPress!

WordPress started its humble beginnings back in 2003. Today, it controls 34% of the shares of all websites on the internet. No kidding, WordPress dominates the web according to web survey by

WordPress dashboard on a flat screen monitor

As of writing this article, WordPress 5.3 has been downloaded 39,772,359 times. You can check the latest download counter here!

So, why is WordPress downloaded by millions of people? What could be their reasons? Well, we don’t know each and every reason. However, one thing is sure:  as an SEO marketer, WordPress is your best option.

Wanna know why?

  1. It’s the experience users get when using WordPress.
  • With WordPress, there are ready made themes and plugins one can immediately use. Certainly, user-friendly and easy to use are the few words to describe this CMS. Because of this, users are contented with the website experience. Hence, more users stay longer than usual.
  • Why is this good for your website? When users stay, it decreases the website’s bounce rate. Plus, Google is looking more websites that give just the right amount of satisfaction to its users. So, if you plan to increase your SEO efforts, WordPress will be your friend.
  1. Users are allowed to customize the URLs or the permalinks.
  • When publishing a new post, it’s easy to change the links. Just below the title, you have the option to edit the URL of your post.
  • Instead of having an ambiogious link like:

  • You can add relevant keywords to your blog post’s permalink like:

  • Users and search engines can quickly identify what the post is about. Very helpful indeed!
  1. Managing metadata made easy!
  • Search engines look for page titles and meta descriptions to discover, identify, and understand the relevant content in your website.
  • With the given metadata, the different search engine bots can quickly understand the content of the pages in your website. Moreover, when you specify the SEO keywords, your website can rank for those words.
  • How does WordPress help make your life easier? With WordPress, there’s a free plugin called Yoast SEO. It allows users to optimize for certain keywords and terms related to the post. Not only that, Yoast SEO will also tell Google what your post is about. Plus, you can even preview your post as seen in Google. (Yes, you will be able to see how it looks like in a typical search results page.) Then, you can quickly assess if it something a user will click your page or not.
  1. Optimizing images is also easier!
  • To be honest, it’s not just the keywords but the images as well. Of course, your blog post would be bare if there are no images. More on: 7 Ways to Optimize Images for SEO
  • With WordPress, you can easily assign alt texts to the attached images. Aside from that, WordPress also helps you to resize large images. This way, images won’t take long to load and it won’t drag your website down. No one would ever complain that your website is slow!


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