Phoenix Website Design – Conquering the SERPs with WordPress (Part 2)

As stated on Conquering the SERPs with WordPress (Part 1), WordPress dominates the internet because it controls 34% of all the websites. Obviously, WordPress has been downloaded way too many times.

WordPress dashboard on a laptop computer

So, I am going to continue to talk about why WordPress conquers the onlineverse. For SEO marketers, these could be their reasons on choosing WordPress over other options out there.

  1. WordPress helps deal with page speed.
  • Let’s start with speed because, obviously, Google considers speed an important website factor. Plus, users won’t like a slow website. Remember, o slow site ever dominated Google’s search results.
  • With WordPress, you won’t worry with letting your users down. Through the help of plugins, they won’t ever feel annoyed over slow page loading time.
  • So, what can you use? For example, you might want to consider ShortPixel Image Optimizer. It is a free lightweight plugin that compresses image and PDF files in order to speed up the website.
  • Next, you also have WPOptimize. It promises 3Cs: Clean your database, Compress your images, and Cache your pages.
  • If you’re looking for ways to improve your WordPress site, please check out WP Clipboard’s 91 Ways to Speed Up WordPress.
  1. Mobile users are prioritized.
  • If it isn’t obvious to yet, mobile usage is continually growing. According to, mobile traffic has increased by 222%. In the last five years, the mobile sector has continued to grow. So, if you are an SEO marketer, you can expand your reach by making websites mobile friendly. You have to enhance your current website for the mobile users.
  • The good news? If you are using WordPress, then, no need to worry about a thing because WordPress websites have been optimized for mobile. Mostly, the themes on WordPress are ready to accommodate the mobile users. You don’t need to tweak anything as many of the themes are mobile-optimized.
  1. There are WordPress plugins for SEO.
  • WordPress has made SEO more understandable to the general public with the help of the correct plugins. Don’t worry, I will mention some helpful ones that can make SEO an easier task to bear.
  • Yoast SEO
    • This has both a free and premium version. With Yoast SEO, it helps you improve your content. After all, a great content is the strong foundation of SEO. The plugin will assess your content’s readability and evaluate your chosen keyword for the page.
  • Google XML Site Maps
    • Next, Google XML Sitemaps has over 2 million active users on WordPress.  Using this plugin, you create XML sitemaps with ease. Then, you can upload your sitemaps to the different search engines — Google, Bing, and etc — for them to understand your website better. Additionally, it notifies all major search engines every time you create a post about the new content.
  • Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin
    • This shows you the website stats that are essential in growing your website. With Google Analytics Dashboard, it is easy to know how people found your site and how they use your site. You get to track the user’s activity in your website. Thus, focusing more on the actual stats. No need to switch to different platforms; it’s all in one page. Most importantly, no need to learn to code. It’s really to reach more internet users and not just tech experts!