Phoenix Website Design – Conquering the SERPs with WordPress (Part 3)

Now that Conquering the SERPs with WordPress (Part 1) and Conquering the SERPs with WordPress (Part 2) are done, I am done to the finale post on discussing why people choose WordPress. When you are a platform that controls 34% of all active websites, then, WordPress is obviously doing something right.

assorted icons on the wordpress dashboard

So, what could those be? Read more about it below:

  1. WordPress combines well with social media.
  1. You can easily sync other tools with your WordPress website.
  • The great thing about WordPress is that it is easy to connect with other tools such as Google Analytics Tools and Yoast SEO. We all know how Google dominates the internet with its various tools. So, the good news is that you can still use other services with any hassle. WordPress works harmoniously works with these tools below:
    • ConvertKit – a tool for customizing landing pages, emails, sign up forms, and so on.
    • Sucuri – a companion for securing your WordPress websites.
    • G Suite – Google’s business solution for emails, documents, and storage. An all-in-one package to keep everything in one place!
  • With these software tools running smoothly with your site, you can boost engagement which will further improve your SEO rank.
  1. Web design won’t be a problem because WordPress provides SEO-friendly designs and themes.
  • Of course, a pretty website would be useless with SEO integration. With the built-in themes in WordPress, you can easily add your focus keywords, and edit the metadata to your preference, increasing the page’s relevance.
  • You don’t need to worry about enhancing the design because SEO and web design both coexist in a WordPress theme.

Conquering the World Wide Web with WordPress

There you have it! The reasons are now obvious; with WordPress, users have the options to optimize their website because WordPress is packed with user-friendly tools and thousands of compatible plugins. When you the WordPress tools, you are surely closer to your lifelong dream of dominating the Google search results.




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