Four Things You Need to Know About Podcasting

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How to make a podcast?

A podcast is an audio file made available on the internet for people to download and listen on their mobile devices. Typically, a podcast consists of a series of downloadable audios. It like a TV series, but on audio. You will receive new installments of your podcast periodically and you can listen to them at your preferred time.

Most of the podcast subscriptions are free. It is not hard to do a podcast and it can be produced by anyone who wants to share their opinion and connect with world. You do not have to be a huge media outlet to get your content out there. Unlike the traditional radio stations, you can surely have a global audience reach. Here’s four things you need to know before starting your own podcast:

    • It is all about you. You know yourself well. Do not start to blabber about the topics you do not know. You have to choose a specific field and stick to your strengths. Just because everyone is talking about music, you feel like you also should talk about music. No, this is yours. You make it a fun experience for yourself. You can invite guests and you can talk about certain issues. You do not have to follow a certain procedure. This is your show. You can share anything the way you want it and how you want it. Skip the boring topics and talk about something that you are passionate about.


    • Make the necessary preparations. It does not mean when it is fun, you do not have to prepare. You do your own research and plan ahead of time. Write in advance your questions you wish to ask your guests. Your podcast should have a certain structure. With enough preparation, you give your audience quality podcasts. They do not have all time to listen so make sure it is definitely worthwhile. Podcasts should not only be enjoyable, but also worth your listeners’ time.

    • Just do it already. Often times, we are fearful on what others think. You do not have be this person or act like that person. You do not have to follow someone’s suit. Get on with it. You can start with 7 episodes first. Plan ahead so your audience will know what to expect in all your episodes. Do not make promises about something you cannot deliver. Do not copy your favorite show. Learn from them and incorporate the great points. Find something you like and do it.
    • Enhance and edit. Like I said earlier, podcasts are downloadable content. This is not a live feed so you still have time to enhance them. You can add elements like background music, or some comical sound effects. You can add as many as you like, but do not fill the whole show with sound effects. That would be silly. Edit also responses by making it louder and clearer. Enhancement is not limited to the effects. You can edit long responses like if it is being redundant. You have to make sure that the correct message gets across in a clear and coherent way.