Guide to Finding the Right Podcast for You

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What kind of podcast should you choose?

Podcast is like an internet radio. You can use your computer to listen to it. Podcast is not just something you can listen to but it can also be a video. You can learn more about it by clicking this link. If you are still confused on what type of podcast you will use in sharing your commentaries to the world, just follow this guide.

The success of a podcast lies in the format. Here are the types of podcasts:

  • One person talking in front of the camera or in a microphone. The topic could be news, tutorial about a certain subject matter, or an opinion. The concern in this solo podcast is the voice and the quality of how it is recorded. The challenge is to hold the interest of the audience.
  • An interview is more interesting because it has two people talking giving their own opinions. The challenge here is to make sure that both will be present to record. The quality of the microphones is important to enable clear deliverance. Editing will surely be a challenge as the audio should be perfect.
  • Another type of podcast is the more conversational show. It has two or more persons talking giving their views on a certain topic. This is more interesting than a solo podcast. The problem here could be scheduling the people involve in the recording and making sure that one does not overlap another person talking. The more people you have in the recording, the more time spent on editing.
  • A video podcast speaks for itself. It has an audio and a video, therefore, it gives a feeling of a closer and more personal relationship with its audience. The requirement is greater in a vodcast or vidcast. It requires more planning time and scheduling just like any production project. When it comes to file size, it needs a high bandwidth connection due to its big files, which is higher than 100 MB each. And this depends on its length. The format for this video is .m4v or mp4 H.264 which can be done by Window and Mac users.
  • Another type of podcast is a combination of audio podcast with synced images which is almost the same as a narrated slide show. An enhanced podcasts has multiple still images and still add a live URL links to websites. It also has a chapter marker so you can skip the podcast. This is an audio file in .m4a format. The file of enhanced podcasts is just like an audio podcast. It cannot be played in Windows Media Player.
  • A recording of your computer screen accompanied by an audio narration is called a screencast. This helps show a certain process rather than just instructing. This is good for students who are more visual.

Once you have decided on what kind of format you want, you need to be more creative to come up with a unique and interesting show. It will also help if you think of how long and how many segments. If you plan very well, you may just come up with something listeners or viewers would be interested in. Most of all, do not forget have fun!