Phoenix Website Design – How to Improve Your SEO Skills? (Part 1)

When you seek tips on how to improve your SEO skills, the experts would always tell you to join events and conferences. Also, they would probably tell you to visit popular SEO sites. Yes, you would totally learn from these tips.

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However, that’s just in theory. You have to apply what you have learned, right?  So, for this post, I have listed places and people you can go to for a substantial piece of SEO knowledge.

  1. Ask (or answer) on Reddit.

By now, everyone probably knows Reddit. Well, Reddit is not just your typical forum type of website. You can opt to browse for movie recommendations, for fluffy dog, or for an educational resource. In Reddit, you can discuss everything under the sun. From games, anime, even SEO, it’s all here.

There are specific section allotted for a huge topic like SEO. In fact, Google’s John Mueller takes time to view this side of Reddit. He shed light to some questions asked by the Redditors.

When you are posting a query in Reddit, you could get answers from prominent people in the industry. Who knows your question will be answered by John Mueller himself? In real life, you may never get a chance to meet the key people of Google. With Reddit, you get an opportunity to learn from these people.

Remember, anyone who has a Reddit account can answer a question. So, you can also share what you know. The Redditors, the coined term for the users of Reddit, can down-vote or up-vote your answers. There will be instances where your answers will be corrected. If this happens, don’t start a fight. We are all here to learn new things. Learn also to listen to others and to accept constructive criticisms.

  1. Write helpful tutorials and guides for SEO beginners.

Aside from answering questions on Reddit, you can also write what you know. Guide other people, especially beginners, to understand the ins and outs of SEO. Through blogging you will realize where you are good at and you will identify the areas that needs improvement.

You can write for other websites, or you can solely publish your articles as is. The important thing is that you creating guides for SEO beginners. If someone will post their feedback, it’s your chance also to learn.

Because writing entails a lot of research, you get to read and learn from other materials as well. This entire writing process can help you discover more efficient methods in managing your daily SEO routine.

  1. Teach your friends and family.

Imagine, every Thanksgiving, you need to explain what you do to the entire family. This is a chance to help them learn the fundamental concepts of SEO. You gotta practice how you communicate and how to explain matters in a coherent way.

If you have a hard time in answering questions, then it’s an indication there are gaps that you need to fill. Research more and study more. By teaching someone who does not know SEO, you get to sharpen your communication skills. This is particularly important skill especially when you are pitching a valuable project SEO to a client, to your boss, or to any important figure.

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