Phoenix Website Design – How to Improve Your SEO Skills? (Part 2)

In the previous post, I talk about how you can learn SEO from forum sites such as Reddit, writing SEO articles, and so on. This time, I will share more advice in order to expand your current SEO knowledge.

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So, are you ready? Here they are:

  1. Get to know people from other industries.

We are all social beings. We are drawn to work in groups. So, take time to get to know or learn from a friend. Ask them what they do and see if their job influences yours in any way.

For example, a colleague knows marketing. You could learn a thing or two of the essential marketing techniques. Thus, you would know how to promote a website. This will give you an idea on the word choices (or color choices) they apply when advertising a product.

Then, through this discussion, you would know what to put on the meta description to convince people to click your page. When you learn from other people, you will also get to improve your own job. Not only that, you get to strengthen your relationship with that person. Who knows he will be the one to ask for advice the next time around, right?

Remember, organic traffic is NOT only reliant on your SEO skills. It is influenced by numerous things. Learning other concepts and principles from your colleagues will help you understand what triggers page clicks and shares.

  1. Learn other subjects and don’t focus only on SEO.

To be more knowledge, you gotta be open in learning other things. The thing is, if you isolate yourself, you are stuck with only SEO.

For example, learning about psychology can help you understand why people behave a certain way. You would know what makes them click, learn their buying behavior, and understand your audience’s search behavior even more.

SEO covers a huge scope and it ain’t exclusive to only computer concepts. Discipline in marketing, psychology, and etc. are helping the world of SEO. Blocking these things will just limit your learning. However, when you are open to learning more aside from SEO, you will learn why, when, where, and how search for things online.

Why do articles go viral? It’s because of the applied concepts of marketing and psychology. It’s no magic! So, think of ways to make your page titles and meta descriptions engaging enough to get hundreds – or even thousands – of clicks. Understand how people arrive to a decision to buy, and this is only attainable if you study other topics.

Websites such as Udemy and Alison are provide online courses. Some are paid, but some are free. So, take advantage of these tools that are readily available.

  1. Study other websites.

Lastly, you sometimes have to take a step back. On a daily basis, you optimize the same website again and again. It is tiring to have to edit the same thing. You need to look at things with a fresh pair of eyes!

Look at other websites; see what you can apply on your own website. Scrutinize every detail and go through the website thoroughly. Compare their site and yours. Study what on-page SEO factors they have optimized. Is this applicable on your own site?

By assessing other websites, you will realize the things that aren’t present on your site. You can apply concepts that you have miss. Plus, you will get to discover more techniques as you go along and looking at more websites. Think of browsing other websites as part of your research.

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