SEO traffic dropped? These might be the reasons why

Search engine ranking determines how your website performs in the online world.

Digital marketers, business owners, and even content creators spend so much time trying to maintain or improve website rankings for as long as possible. Unfortunately, witnessing your hard-earned rankings go down can make you feel frustrated especially if you don’t have enough idea why your SEO traffic is dropping fast.


Here are some reasons why SEO traffic drops dramatically in many online platforms today:


Website penalties

If you ever notice your website is nowhere to be found, consider checking its status using Google search console. Google will penalize your site when it violates specific SEO guidelines such as excessive use of keywords and backlinks.


The presence of malicious links and excessive redirecting links won’t be helpful to spare your website from getting penalized. Also remember that if you have duplicate or plagiarized content detected on your site, you’re more likely to encounter SEO traffic drops.


Search engines are not able to find your website

Changing a domain name for whatever reason may affect your SEO traffic mainly if the search engines are not aware of it. It will appear as if your website does not exist when the search engines are unable to detect you. Google and other search engines have their respective SEO tools when you decide to modify your domain identity.


Website redesigns and migrations are also crucial factors why there are sudden drops in your SEO traffic. When URLs and related links become broken, there’s a huge possibility that your website may get lost.


Trim down the content of your low-performing pages

SEO traffic slowly drops when you are indexing the web pages but fail to update the content. Google, for instance, can detect low-quality content and boost the quality ones. Since Google is making continuous efforts to enhance its search algorithms, it is advisable to focus on the web pages you are interested in page ranking. If your website is rarely visited or filled with low-quality content, it will affect its overall performance as well as its SEO traffic.


Create more interesting content

Newly-created content is important since search engines will always rank sites according to the quality of the material. The more content is made original, the higher ranking a website can achieve.


Aside from this, you may also experience SEO traffic drops due to the following:


  • If you are unable to detect that your competitor has outclassed you
  • If you fail to identify your under-performing pages, missing links, and unrelated links
  • If you are not able to notice the position changes of your website from search engine result pages
  • When Google does not inform of algorithm updates
  • If your site doesn’t have a mobile-friendly version, the majority of today’s population have easy access to the internet through smartphones and tablets.


SEO traffic drops seem inevitable as online competition among website owners gets tougher and tougher each day. It is true that SEO strategies will play a pivotal role in today’s online marketing wherein businesses strive hard to maintain a respectable ranking on the search engine results page.