Local SEO Link Building Tactics to Know About

In SEO, backlinks are golden nuggets. These precious links establish the credibility and authority of your website. Most importantly, they are one of the most critical ranking factors on the web. However, they are not easy to gain, especially if you have a brand new site. So for this post, we will give you some valuable tips that you can try to boost your backlinking efforts:

Tap the help of influencers

Gaining a shout out from a local influencer or being featured on their website is a great way to earn strong backlinks. Aside from getting the link, you’ll also enjoy increased traffic since the influencer’s followers will be interested in your business.

You can interview local influencers or offer them a sponsorship without compromising your profits.

Send guest posts to local websites

This is a traditional method that never gets old. You can send pitches to established websites on your niche as well as business directory websites. For sure, they can cater to some business’ content. Once this gets published, you’ll get the juicy backlink you’re waiting for.

Take note that guest posting requires quality content. If you don’t have the knack for words, you can tap the help of a freelance writer.

List your business on local business directories

All localities will have at least one online business directory. You can utilize this by getting your business listed. Aside from asking for citations, your listing will gain a backlink straight to your website.

Try to get listed to as many local directories as possible. Still, make sure that the directory has a good reputation and is relevant to your niche.

Write about events in your local area

Another effective way to gain backlinks is to write about the events in your locality. Most likely, people who have websites or are interested in specific events will link back to your pages.

You can put up this content on your blog. If another event comes up, you can write another entry and promote it to gain potential backlinks.

Utilize your established relationships

Aside from the mentioned tips, you can also make the most out of your current relationships. Tap the people you know to promote your site or link back to your pages. These backlinks are easier to gain, which allows you to exert your resources in other SEO efforts.

Still, you have to ensure that their websites are trustworthy and have a good standing on the web. Otherwise, the backlinks that you’ll get aren’t as strong as what you need to rank.

Offer local discounts

If you can afford it, you can offer special discounts on various organizations or to a certain group of people. You can set up a dedicated page for this offer with the instructions on how they can avail the discount.

Most likely, the website of the organization you’re offering the discount to will link back to your page.

Final words

Backlinking may sound technical, but there some practical tips you can do to earn juicy links without any of the programming stuff. You just have to allot your time and energy to execute it.