Must-Have Modern Web Design Elements (Part 2)

Last time, we talked about the importance of having a card base design, enormous product photos, and product videos. Now, I will continue discussing the modern web design elements. If you need to catch up, part 1 is here. If you wish to continue, then read on the 5 additional tips in achieving a contemporary and cutting-edge web design.

  • Unique Typography

  • One way to stand out is through using a distinct typography. Companies can now buy a specific typography of their choice to help them stand out from the crowd. Their customers can easily identify their brand over the competition. In recent years, there’s been a growing number of fonts for businesses to choose from, making it simpler for businesses to express their own style with the help of typography.
    • It is useful when:
      • you want to be different, and attract attention.
      • you want to introduce a fun (or serious) side depending on your brand.
    • Regardless of what you decide on, make sure it is applicable to different browsers and devices. If not, the correct font won’t be displayed.
  • Massive Hero Images

  • What are hero images? These are large banners that are mainly placed in the front and center of a web page. A hero image can be a combination of images and texts, and it can also be a set of dynamic or static dynamic images.
    • It is useful when:
      • you want something new, and something visually appealing. Instead of adding CTA buttons, you can just add a hero image with image and text.
      • you want an alternative way of sharing you story. let’s admit it images are extremely persuasive than texts.
an example of a set of static hero images.

an example of a set of static hero images.

  • Background Videos

  • If you want another option aside from hero images, you might want to consider adding background videos. It’s very engaging so it’s hard for web visitors not to click and watch. Other than that, human brains process information better when it’s presented through a video ran than just mere text. When you are explaining through videos, the information seems easy to digest, and it just flows effortlessly.
    • It is useful when:
      • you want to put everything together. you don’t really have to add other design elements because it’s all there.
      • you want to reduce space and content. a video can do all the explaining for you.
  • A flat design

  • Apple utilized a flat design since 2013. So what is a flat design? A web design element that is not 3D is considered a flat design. When an image has no shadow, it is an example of a flat design.
    • It is useful when:
      • you want to your page to load more quickly.
      • you want an uncomplicated and simple design that easy for your web visitors to understand.
  • Hamburger Menus

  • When you want to simplify navigation, you can just add hamburger menus like what Google Chrome did. If you’ve noticed, Chrome’s menu is on the right corner. Because the menu has three lines stacked up, thus, the name hamburger menu was conceived.
    • It is useful when:
      • you want to remove unnecessary navigation menus and options.
      • you want to provide a better user experience that’s simpler and distraction-free.