Outmoded SEO Practices You Shouldn’t Do (Part 1)

SEO has gone through several developmental changes in the past years, and it still does to this day. Despite this, other people opt to hang on to its old ways; thus, still uses the outdated SEO practices to gain visibility and performance. The reality is that these old tricks are futile and the list below will guide you how these strategies will negatively affect your website.


    • When you write in an unnatural way, search engines know. When marketers believe that repetition of the subject is apt when it totally isn’t. Crawlers see this repeated keyword and its various versions which lead to high ranking. But it isn’t working anymore. Today, the advanced search engines recognize this strategy, and even its poor content. Again, don’t do not write for statistics! Write for your audience!

    • Do not try to outsmart the system; it won’t work. But then again, people still kept on trying due to obvious improvement of the brand’s website.
    • True, that article directories worked. However, it entails writing a hurriedly written article, and giving it to the numerous article directories, and then, linking it to your site. You expect other people will publish it in their site and hopefully add more content.  But then, the duplicate content filters and the underlying link penalties, made the article directories unfavorable for most webmasters.
    • In 2011, Google released its game-changing Panda update. It looked for websites that offer lousy content. They are either badly written, non-sense, or the content was originally from another site. That being said, it is a wonder why there are still those who do practice it.
Some SEO strategies just don't work out anymore.

Some SEO strategies just don’t work out anymore.


    • The clickable text in a hyperlink is called ANCHORED TEXT. The keywords here are the indication that the search engines use to know the subject of a certain web page. The underlined blue anchor text is the web’s standard although even the color can be changed.
    • There are many kinds of anchor text like exact match, naked, page title, headline, and so on. Some are encouraging while others aren’t. It does depend on the situation and its use.
    • Before, it has always been the keyword-rich and exact match that was the normal standard in SEO great practice. Google’s Penguin can discover the over enhanced content. Therefore, nothing matches the awesome, well-thought of, and well-written content. Again, write for people, that’s a surefire winner.

    • Keywords have changed quickly over the years. Marketers had abundant keyword-level data. It helps you to know what works. It gives us the knowledge of knowing the target as well as the user’s intent.
    • The following years, tools attempted to do a reproduce keyword data. Marketers relied on Google’s Keyword Planner because it is free. Since Google owns this product, people continuously use it until now.
    • There are other paid tools substitute like Moz Keyword Explorer tool and SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool. Lastly, there’s Google Trends too, and it is for free.


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