Phoenix Website Design – How to Create the Ideal “About the Company” Page? (Part 1)

What page is one of the most crucial parts of website? It’s the location page. So, what do you add to this page? Company overview? Map and exact location? Landmarks?

Well, there are a lot. Below, let me discuss the 4 must-haves!

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What Makes an “About Us” Page Standout?

As SEO practitioner, we are always after what makes our users happy. Like in any page on our website, we just want to bring solutions to our users. So, I have listed a number of things to include in your location page. This way, it does not just become a filler page, but it becomes something significant for everyone.

  1. Schema

  • Make an effort to search for the other businesses that’s related to your business. In order to do that, go to to know the list of business types. Hence, you will know what businesses are related to yours.
  1. Page Title & Meta Description

  • I know, this section is an obvious part of any page of a website. Still, I have to emphasise its importance.
  • Besides, some people do not use the title and meta descriptions to its fullest potential.
  • You might wonder, “Why do I need to worry about mundane things such as page title and meta description?” Whether you believe me or not, it’s a proven fact that website get organic traffic from these seemingly unimportant website optimization. So, don’t neglect these because someone may find your website through a simple enhancement such as the page title and meta description.

Page Title

  • Ideally, the page title should have 3 main features:
    • Company name
    • Location: specific city or area
    • Keywords about the business

Meta Description

  • Meta descriptions may not directly influence the SERP rankings, but you have to remember that when you optimize this, it increases page click. Thus, you have edit the meta descriptions in order to convince searchers to click your page. This is when your word choices can help boost your SEO.
  • Remember, add the 3 basic elements the page title, and your own unique personality. This is your own space so you use it well, and highlight your distinct features.
  1. Internal Links

Links are important in any page. Though not all links are deemed important, you can’t deny its impact on your website. Here are a list of link you can add to your location page:

  • Link your online store if you provide products for sale,
  • Store location in neighboring locations, and
  • Special offers on these specific locations,
  • Social media links to these specific stores,
  • For those in the medical sector, it helps to add the profiles of doctors, nurses, and so on.
  • For restaurants, don’t forget to add the food menu.
  • Link to the company overview and to helpful blog posts.
  1. Page Speed

  • Everyone loves a speedy site. That’s why, when a page loads faster than usual, Google rewards it.
  • This is evident when Google deemed it as an essential ranking factor, particularly in local pages.
  • Once your page loads quickly, it will have obvious difference compared to the other results in the SERPs. With online tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrix, you can easily assess the problems on your website, especially in terms of page load speed. If you need more pointers on this topic, see: 5 Steps to Increase Website Speed.


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