The Different Ways to Get More Reviews on Google (Part 1)

If you would look at, their research proves that majority of all online customers search for product reviews. To be exact, 97% of consumers read reviews posted online before they make their purchase decision. To be honest, this isn’t surprising at all. Personally, I do the same. Before I shop, I make sure to look at reviews.

There’s another article on that supports this idea. It states that a Google review can contribute to a 35% increase of a website’s click-through rate. Without a doubt, positive reviews are influential in persuading other people to buy.

Google Maps displayed business details including a 5 star review.

In this blog post, I will share tips on how to get more reviews on Google. By apply these tips, you will surely earn more reviews.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Reviews.

First tip: always ask for reviews. Remind your team of customer representatives to get the customer’s feedback. Any staff, who would always interact with customers, should know the proper way to ask for a customer reviews.

Aside from that, leaving a review should NOT be too complicated. Instead of letting your customers read a lengthy instruction, make it very easy for your customers. Write your main points using bullets so that they can understand the process. If not, you can use images. For example, a smiling emoji is the option to pick if they are satisfied. Meanwhile, a frowning emoji means the opposite. Surely, this will guide the customer how to rate their shopping experience.

Lastly, when asking for a review, don’t be too demanding. Try to exude a positive and encouraging aura. Being nice won’t harm you so loosen up smile more. Follow these tips:

  • Social interaction

Use every opportunity to request for a review. Whether you are interacting with a customer through chat, email, or social media, always ask for a review at the end of your conversation. Encourage everyone to leave a feedback about shopping experience.

  • Email

After a purchase, not all customers will go online and mention you on social media. Make sure to reminder customers to leave a review. If you need a review, sending customized emails will help you.

To make it easier to submit reviews, there are services such as TrustPilot and ReviewTrackers that will shorten the process. By automating it, you aren’t wasting their time.

  • Printed cards

Wait, printed materials? Are you sure? Yes, it still helps to have business cards to remind customer where your official social channels are. Additionally, you can indicate on your printed cards the following:

  • Your QR code for chat services like Viber, WeChat, Kakao.
  • Of course, there should also be the website link.
  • Lastly, don’t forget the links to the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts.
  • Call-to-action buttons

Usually, customers will not post a review after they received their purchases. So, you have to remind to leave a review. When they are on your website, you can send a little reminder to do so. Usually, a pop-up with a CTA button will do the work.

By CTA buttons, they can easily redirect to the review page. Like the previous tips, I always reiterate to make it easy for customers. As much as possible, be specific on what your customers should do. You can ask them to:

  • Leave their review and upload a picture of their items.
  • Share it on social media and tag friends that may be interested.
  • Redirect them to the latest deals in case they might find something to buy.