The Role of Organic Search Among Businesses 

Over the years, organic search has become the largest provider of website traffic for the majority of sites. It’s the reason why all business website owners have been investing in SEO. Unlike PPC, organic search offers long-lasting benefits even after you’re done paying an expert to do it for you.

Aside from that, organic search brings a ton of benefits to websites. The following are some of the facts you have to know:

Why you should care about organic search

If you own a business or a monetized website, organic search is your bosom friend. It’s a free way of acquiring visits and warm leads. As much as you’d have to pay an expert, a little background on SEO can go a long way.

Moreover, organic search is also one of the leading ranking factors in Google search results. The higher your organic visits are, the more Google sees your website as trustworthy. This will push you higher in the search engine results pages.

With this increased visibility, you’ll also enjoy more clicks and conversions. In the end, organic search will boost your revenue directly.

Sure, you can pay for paid search as much as you want, but remember that your ranking is only as good as the amount you’re willing to spend.

What the number says

The B2B industry enjoys the biggest chunk of organic search at 64.1%. Meanwhile, the technology industry follows at 59.8%. Overall, about 70% of B2B income came from organic search conversion.

How about social visits? As a rising trend, it’s quite easy to think that social visits will reign. However, they only account for around 4% to 8% of the total visits on a website. Nevertheless, it’s a great pair for those who are starting out.

Regardless of your niche and target audience, organic search rules the web traffic. It’s an indispensable tool for more visits and higher conversion.

What should you choose: organic search or paid search?

Organic search offers a free and long-lasting way of ranking your website. However, it’s not as instant as PPC, so you’d have to wait for several months. Nevertheless, the wait is worth it since you will reap the benefits for long. This is possible even after you have finished paying an SEO expert.

In the case of PPC or pay-per-click campaigns, you have to sustain your funding to enjoy continuous traffic. This is demanding and quite expensive. Even if you have the budget to spare, it’s not a practical choice for your business.

Still, you can use both to boost your website’s visibility. While you’re waiting for the SEO efforts to start showing results, you can pay for a PPC campaign. This way, your website will have continuous traffic.


Organic search plays a big role in the website’s traffic. If you want to boost your revenue, it’s best to invest in long-term solutions. Besides, organic traffic is free to some extent. And even if you have to pay an SEO expert, it’s still way cheaper than PPC alone.