Tips to Boost Your Rankings Instantly 

Search engine optimization is a full-time job, especially if you’re aiming to get to Position Zero. This can be a lofty goal, but it’s achievable with the right strategies. For newbies who are still studying the ins and outs of SEO, the following tips we listed here will surely help. These are just basic ranking tips that will boost your standing on search engines:

Switch to a mobile-friendly design

Since last year, Google has been giving a ranking edge to websites that are optimized for mobile search. This is an answer to the growing mobile traffic that’s about 60% of the entire traffic on the internet.

So if you’re revamping your website, look for a design that renders properly across devices. You don’t have to code this manually since you can look for pre-made themes with mobile-friendly features.

Focus on boosting website speed

Next, prioritize page speed. Google has been considering page speed as a major ranking factor. So if your website takes forever to open, expect that you’ll find it hard to land on the top spot.

You can boost your page speed by reducing the file sizes of your content. Also, you can consider using third-party photo and video hosting services. This is very useful if you’re publishing large files of content.

Use internal links

Internal linking is an easy yet very important part of optimizing your website. By interlinking your pages, you’re allowing visitors to have easy access to other pages of your site. This will spread the weight of your authoritative pages while driving further traffic on low-performing pages.

Nevertheless, it’s not required to interlink each page. Just do so if it merits and when it’s relevant to the page at hand.

Write plagiarism-free content

Google has heavy penalties to websites found to be publishing copied content. This will directly impact your rankings and reputation on the web. So to save yourself from the digital shame, you might as well write original content.

You can always tap the help of a writer for this purpose. Also, once a month should be ideal for most websites as long as the content is juicy and relevant to your niche.

Start blogging

Aside from posting on your social media accounts, you should also invest your time on a blog section. This portion of your website is where traffic magic happens. The links of these pages can be used for backlinking and generating more traffic.

Also, blogs give more value to your website. It’s also a great way to build your brand and to reach your target audience.

Pick the best keywords

You can optimize as much as you can, but without the right keywords, your efforts are headed nowhere. Always look for low competition keywords with a decent search volume. Usually, new websites will thrive on keywords with lower search volumes.

Craft meta descriptions 

Last but not the least, write concise meta descriptions. Take note that this part is the first bit of content that your audience will see. Always optimize your keywords here and avoid going beyond the maximum 160-character allowance.