What You Need To Know About Google’s June 2019 Core Update

Google released the June 2019 core update on June 3. While they say it isn’t a major update, site owners and SEOs think otherwise. Websites are experiencing massive changes as updates continue rolling out.

If you’ve been keeping track, it isn’t the first time this happened. Last March, SEOs saw sudden changes in how Google ranked domains. Industry leaders were hot on the trail of a so-called Florida 2 update even before Google announced it. There were winners and losers. But despite its noticeable impact, the search giant said March’s release was hardly an update.

The latest core update may seem like a walk down memory lane, though there is definitely much more to it. Here’s everything you need to know about Google’s June 2019 core update, according to SEO experts.


Moz: Big visibility gains for health sites, but no changes in SERP features

Pete Meyers of Moz, tweeted his earliest observations. The marketing scientist noted huge visibility gains for health websites, citing Healthline, Dr. Axe, and Verywell Health as examples.

He added they found no changes in SERP features like the Health Panel. Meaning, health-related domains that gained or lost search visibility and have pages that are (or are not) featured in Google’s Health Panel can expect them to stay as is… for now.


Sistrix: More domains affected by gains and losses in search visibility

SISTRIX used their Visibility Index Tool to track popular sites among UK’s Google search users. They compared data from May 29 with data from June 5 to 6, just when Google was releasing their update. Based on their findings, websites either gained 19-54% or lost 17-50% in online visibility. Winners included Mirror Online, HuffPost, and Tumblr. Mercola, The Daily Mail, and Wondershare fell into the losers list.

The European SEO solutions provider also noticed a tiny but important detail. The latest Google core update seems to affect a wider range of websites. When Google rolled out their update in March, it mostly affected YMYL or “Your Money Your Life” domains such as health sites. Google’s June 2019 core update has so far affected news sites, retail companies, and other industries who were left untouched in previous updates.


SearchMetrics: Google’s latest core update reverts previous changes

Marcus Tober, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of SearchMetrics, provides deeper insight. He believes that Google may have reverted some changes from their March update. Tober suspects it’s the algorithms on brand and authority. Why? Because medical websites such as WebMD and Verywell Health gained back their online visibility after losing in the March 2019 core update.


RankRanger: Gambling, health, and finance are most affected by the June 2019 core update

Using the top 10 search results in the US, RankRanger analyzed websites for rank fluctuations based on their niche. Rank fluctuations usually fall within a certain range to be considered normal. However, the SEO software provider saw an average shift in rankings for 159% of gambling-related websites, followed by health (78%) and finance (77%).

So there you have it! SEO experts have pitched in their initial thoughts on the June 2019 core update. It’s too early to tell what’s in store. For the meantime, all we can do is sit back and wait for more details on how Google can possibly make or break your online visibility with their new algorithms.