Phoenix Web Design – Writing Effective Product Description

Aside from product photos, another factor that encourages customers to purchase an item is the product description. People do tend rely on words when shopping online. One study shows that 20% of transactions do not push through because of insufficient product information.

Good vs. Bad Product Descriptions

Because it’s lengthy, the description is automatically “good.” NOPE, the length has nothing to do how good a product description is.

A good product description is able clearly tell you.

  • what its use to your life
  • why you should buy it

When you’re selling shirts online, it’s pretty easy to write descriptions because everyone uses it. However, if you are selling something unique, that’s when you need to explain further. This is where you need to be detailed in creating your product descriptions to eliminate any confusion.

On your website, product descriptions should:

  • plainly and openly define the use of the product.
  • highlight the benefits.
  • add other important information like technical specs for mobile devices.

The product description should be able to tell the customers what they need to know.  A bad product description is the total opposite of clear. If a customer still has questions about a product, then, the description failed miserably.

Description Scramble

Tips on writing effective product descriptions.

To prevent that, I’ve listed helpful tips for you in order to create effective product descriptions.

  • Think of your potential buyers first.
    • You just don’t go on and write flowery descriptions to entice people. Consider these points before you draft your product descriptions:
    • Age, Gender, Location
    • Education and Income standing
    • Language(s) spoken
  • This will be your guide on what to write because you have identified your target audience. If you don’t know who your buyers are, you would know how to write the product description, and what to include (or not include) on your list.
  • Let’s take a look at Apple’s iPad. Everybody knows what it is so the product description focuses on the tech specs of the product. It presents you the differences on size and weight, buttons and connectors, built-in cameras, apps, sensors, chip, battery, and compatible accessories.
  • However, if you are selling a beauty product, the appropriate product description is quite different from the iPad. This time around, you need to add what is in the beauty kit, how to use the product, and the benefits to your skin.
  • Include the benefits and special features
  • Motivate your customers by highlighting the product benefits because they will always ask, “What’s in it for me?”
  • Point out that your product addresses a concern. So, if you are selling shirts online, anticipate what your customers will be asking about. Most probably, it’s the color options, available sizes, feel, and level of comfort.
  • Give them a reason to buy your shirts, and one way to do that is by adding a list of specific benefits & extraordinary features.
  • Here are some notes for you:
    • A long list will just bore your customers so pick your top 3 important benefits.
    • Elaborate the advantages of buying your product.
    • Explain how it provides a solution to your customers’ existing problem.
    • Think of your buyers when listing the benefits. If you know they’re buying a product because it’s cheap, then, highlight that you are selling the cheapest product in the market.