Exceptional and Free Keyword Research Tools You Need

When we talk about SEO, keyword research is a vital fundamental step. It is easy to set it aside because we think that generalizing it to “create awesome content” is a better strategy.  Laptop on Grey Wooden TableWhen people think of keyword research, surely they will directly go to Google Ads Keywords since it is by far, the biggest search engine. Nevertheless, Google has only limited useful keyword data that it gives. There are exceptional and free keyword research tools out there. So if you are interested, let us begin with the first one.

  • Tagcrowd

    • One of the most vital part of creating the proper keyword research includes studying your competitor’s content. Sure there are available tools make this easier for you, but these will cost you. Well, here is another free alternative, TagCrowd.
    • The assumption behind TagCrowd is that it permits you to envision word frequency by making word/text/tag clouds. To be able to see a competitor’s most often used keywords for a certain page this can help you to know their keyword strategy with no expense on your end.
    • TagCrowd after all is straightforward to use. There are different ways to increase and analyze content: you can paste the page text, paste the webpage URL, and upload a file. That is real cool, don’t you think so?
  • Keywords Everywhere

    • It is a free browser add-on for Firefox and Chrome that gathers data from more than 15 most known keyword tools which includes Answer the Public, Ubersuggest, Google Analytics, Google Search, and Search Console to mention a few. So, when you search in Google, Keywords Everywhere will show you fundamental but practical data.
    • What is great about Keywords Everywhere is that even if they got information from many sources, they still made it easy for you to get the data you are looking for. Just download it in Excel, PDF, or CSV file format. Keywords Everywhere was made possible by the team who is also behind Keyword Keg.
  • Merchant Words

    • This is a great keyword research tool if you are an Amazon store owner. Merchant Words assemble data from more than 1 billion verified Amazon searches all over the world. All of the keyword data comes straight from the shopper searches in the Amazon search bar.
    • Try Merchant Words for free with minimal number of keywords. The paid version of this is $30.00 monthly, for U.S. data, and $60.00 if you want a wider audience. The price covers the unlimited searches and CSV downloads, and there is a 24/7 customer service whenever you need assistance.
  • PinterestKeywordTool

    • While everybody is waiting for Linkedln keyword tool, there’s another keyword research solution coming from a known social media platform which is Pinterest.
    • At first, it might look spammy. Just to make it known to you, PinterestKeywordTool does not give many useful keyword data when it comes to search volume or difficulty in ranking. But what it can give you is what keyword is popular in Pinterest and if there are other keywords you could use.
  • Keyword.Guru

    • It gathers results from the best search engines like, Google, Bing, and Yahoo even ecommerce sites like eBay and Amazon. The minute you type, it gives results which is based on real-time. Although, Keyword.Guru does not show details about keyword search volume, it instead shows you the most average searches. Should you use the real search results, you will know which keyword phrases are always used.