SEO Factors to Closely Track This 2019

Last year, Google brought in exciting changes to how it ranks sites. Before, the page with the largest links ranks at the top, but not anymore. To guide you, here are the SEO components that are important this year, 2019:

  • Know Structured Data

Structured Data could be frightening at first, but really it is easy to learn how it works. The easiest way of doing so is to copy and then paste and start using it.

  • Stay away from structured data error
    • There are many sites that have been penalized due to wrong execution of structured data. True there are times that we do not mean it but we get penalized just the same. So be cautious.
    • Having said that, here are the usual structured data mistakes you just have to watch out:
      • Improper use of structured data.
      • The on-page content does not match with the structured data.
      • Infringes Google’s Guidelines for a definite data type.
      • Infringes Google’s Structured Data Customary Specifications. Using shortcuts and taking prerogatives otherwise known as manipulative behavior.
Woman in Purple Sleeveless Dress Sitting in Front of Pop Filter

Woman recording her podcast.

  • Learn About Podcasts

Podcasts have progressively become a popular technique to consume content. It is a good idea to find out if your prospective customers are listening to podcasts that has something to do with your niche. If they are, think of ways to reach them.

Examples of how to reach your prospective customers could be through sponsorship, taking part on the podcast, you could also encourage a certain content that may be interesting. Podcasts are digital audio file that are in the internet ready to be downloaded to any mobile device or a computer which a subscriber can receive automatically. Having said that, podcast can also be an addition to content marketing.

  • Boost Content Focus

Possibly, this is the most vital part of Internet marketing this year. When people do not focus in their content, there is a big price to pay. There have been many sites last year that lost heavily in their ranking. This goes as saying, produce better if not awesome content.

The bottom line is that pages get good ranking because websites are link to the pages. The reason is that those pages managed to resolve a problem. No one links to a web page because of its keyword pertinence.

  • Boost SEO Image

You should treat your images the same way as you do with your title and heading elements as every single one of them assist to make the page rank better. Images also improve your ranking by being in the enhanced listings.

  • Everybody loves the step by step guidelines. Illustrations and screenshots help a lot and Google gravitates to use these images in enhanced listings. One image that shows something can give you an awesome ranking.
  • If your images are measured by megabytes, this will slow down your sales and your rankings as well. Heavy images will come up with higher bandwidth on your server, and this will give you extra charges by your web host. Aside from that, it will be one of the reason why your server will slow down and this happens when visitors in your site comes all at the same time.