SEO Habits That Are Still Relevant

There are new SEO practices that are very useful, but let us not forget the old school SEO habits that are still very useful today. These helped the website rank better, and earn cash. Pretty cool, huh? So, let us go over these old SEO habits that you can still use.


    • This is such a vital habit of the old school SEO. Its mindset is no discussion about your websites in public. Being boastful about the gigantic success you have earned will not bring you anywhere, so don’t!
    • This will just make you an easy target of envious businesses that will strongly compete with you and will challenge your wit. They can also wreck your business just to get you out of the field. It pays to be cautious at all times.

    • The idea is to make it difficult for your competitors to find your search engines and to have access on all the websites you own. Again, rule no. 1, conceal and do not announce to the public how your scheme is linked to it from a social media or public blog. That is courting danger, for sure.
    • Sadly, a lot of people do not believe in the safety of concealing. A famous search expert made the mistake and linked one of his sites that came from a blog post just to show how well it will rank using this method. After just a few days, Google banned his site.

Photo of Woman Using Her Laptop


    • If you are playing by the SEO rules or use combative SEO, it is still advisable that you do not share links connecting websites or connecting your websites. Keep your links unattached. That way, if one of the website goes off, it does not pull down your other sites or network.
    • The thing is, even if you follow all the SEO rules, another person might use deceitful SEO and if for any reason, your site gets involved, that in itself will jeopardize other sites that are connected with the hazardous site.

    • It has been proven that a speedy download speed brings more ad impressions and of course more sales. Your site will go on running if it undergoes an odd amount of traffic. What is terrifying is to have such gigantic traffic see the server crash because of the its weight. In this scenario, you should keep the template code light.
    • Should you want to reduce your speed in the maximum level make sure that:
      • Use the simplest template possible.
      • Do not use external fonts, buttons, and icons.
      • Reduce using fancy effects.

    • Keep your file names short and surely it will look awesome on social media. Aside from that, it will be easier to remember and that is exactly what you want.
    • Allowing hot-linking and sharing images is a good way to tell people out there that you are in existence.

    • It was discovered that you just can’t make your buy buttons huge enough. Having some intricate stuff could boomerang on you. The idea here is to make your site element so easy to find, and that should give you more sales. Carelessness is the major reason why a lot of websites suffer the loss of rankings.