3 Ways to Compose Your Meta Description

Aside from writing catchy titles, you also need to create an equally catchy meta description. In this post, I will be explaining in detail how each meta description can help websites increase their page clicks through adding a sentence or two.

man planning meta description

These are 3 way different ways to compose your own meta description:

  1. Highlight your company’s USP.

What makes your company unique? This is what USP is all about. Your unique selling point makes you stand out from all the companies selling similar products. The USP could be an additional service, more product features, enhanced quality, and etc. can make your brand unique.

You can use this to your advantage and make it a meta description to generate more clicks and more interests from your audience.

Let’s take a look at Zappos.

For number 1, the concrete example would be Zappos. This company is known not only for its FREE shipping, but also its FREE return. This is extremely helpful when you got the wrong pair of shoes, or you got a broken pair.

Some people would just choose to not complain when they are not satisfied with the service because they would pay for shipping. Spending extra on returning the goods is a definitely hassle. Thus, people will just look for another website that can give them a better service.

Adding words such as “free shipping”, “free returns”, and “24/7 customer service” can definitely help alleviate worries and doubts. Just remember to include words you can 100% fulfill. If you brag about 24-hours email support, then, you can’t stand by it. You will receive a backlash of posting untrue statements.

  1. Tell the world your purpose.

In some cases, it might be appropriate to emphasize a greater purpose behind your website, whether that’s a particular corporate value or a very practical way in which you make a difference. This can provide searchers with an additional incentive to check out your site rather than the others.

Let’s take a look at Better World Books.

BWB, or Better World Books, is known for their “One for One” policy. There are not too focused on making money. All they want is for used books to have a new home. They emphasize on the carbon footprint and the waste created to buy a brand-new book.

Thus, BWB created an option for people. Why buy new books when you can buy 2nd hand books at a lower cost? Plus, the guarantee that for every book you buy, they will give another book to those in need.

Adding emphasis on their purpose surely makes Better World Books are better option for bookworms. Not only does it provide books at a lower price, customers get to help people in need. It’s like hitting 2 birds with one stone.

  1. Ask a question.

People rely on search to search for answers. They go to Google and type in question. So, why not throw the question back to the user.

You can say something like, “Do you want to know about the latest SEO trends?, What’s hot and what’s not this 2019?, or “Want to learn about the components of a perfect email?

Asking these questions will tell users that you have the answer to their question. Personally, this is the meta description format I apply if I can’t think of any.