The Importance Of Color Contrast in Web Design

Colors palette

Oftentimes, we do not really think of color as much as we think about other important elements of a classic web design because we think that it does not have that much of significance to the overall relevance of your website.

How much more if we talk about COLOR CONTRAST?

It may seem a little basic to discuss but in web designing, there are actually tons of factors to consider when it comes to dealing with color contrasts if you want your web site to be near to perfection.


  • There are rare cases that some graphic designers stick to a minimalistic approach in their respective designs that they end to opt for monotones and such and that is completely fine.
  • Most of the time however, we need to incorporate colors not only because they add a little flare to the entire design but most importantly because they affect the chance that a viewer might want to click on your site. In doing so, you are only just splashing colors everywhere you want because contrast is crucial to the image that you want to display to the entirety of your website.


  • The very first things that you would need to jot down are your product or service and your website itself. Mentioned in the earlier parts of this article is the vitality of a color contrast’s role in web design.
  • Let us say for example you have a product that is predominantly packaged in the color yellow, will it be ideal to post in on your website if the dominant color of the latter is also yellow? I don’t think so. Whatever you are selling will only be lost in the background. This is why color contrast is a thing because it keeps you from joining together incompatible colors that will only distract your clients away from what you actually want them to see.
  • There a lot of color combinations that when combined together would cause a total chaos to your overall website and will only do more harm than good. Do your research about colors or shades that will never work well together and make sure to steer away from combining the two in any of your websites.


  • There is a certain percentage of our population that is color blind. Majority of these people are men. These are the people who are not able to see the colors’ true colors. Although statistically, the number of people who are completely color blind is relatively low, that does not mean that we should take them for granted.
  • Red or green are the usual colors that do not appear as they are to color blind people. So always include them to you consideration if you want your design to be effective and universal.
  • There are also shades that are painful to look at. Combinations of red and blue, purple and red, blue and pink, and other similar shades are examples of annoying color combinations. Avoid these combination whenever you want to say something important.