8 Website Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

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When you are starting your business, chances are you have a budget in mind. You will surely allot a portion of it in building a website for your business. There are free website builders that will help you start a simple website on your own. If you are not adept in web designing, you could be committing some serious mistakes. Instead of driving sales, you will repel potential customers.

Here’s a list of what to avoid:

  • When navigation is not a priority

    When you do create your own website, please make sure visitors can find their way to the areas of your website. When potential clients browse, they won’t put in a lot of time trying to figure out where is this or where is that. If they can’t find what they want, they will leave and find a better website that has an easier navigation.

  • The purpose is not clear to you

    Building a website without knowing why will just lead to failure. You have to know if your goal is to gain exposure for your business or if you wish to sell your products online. Not all websites are the same. Each website has its own purpose and you have to know how to use it accordingly.

  • Thinking that any website is good rather than having none

    A website is a must nowadays, but if you are on a tight budget, you can still have an online presence without a website. Make sure that your name and contact numbers can be found in different business listings, social media sites, or online Yellow Pages. When your business starts to gain popularity, it is time to make a simple, professional, and nice looking website.

  • Trying to stand out

    When you dare to be different than the other websites, it won’t do you or your business any good. Create a website that is similar to most websites. Like any other common website, clicking on the company logo should bring you to the homepage. Contact Us and About pages are extremely important. It will provide the essential information of your business. You see, even online, people prefer comfort over style.

  • Struggling to make it exceptionally beautiful

    Look at Google; you will notice that the website is very simple. The colors used are just red, yellow, blue, and green. You don’t need a bunch of different colors to stand out. If your business is an advertising agency, fashion house, or web design studio, go ahead and be unique. If not, just stick to a minimalist design. Your clients will care more about the content than the colorful design.

  • Using .PDF files

    Not all people are tech-savvy. Not all potential clients have a PDF viewer and if they do, they probably won’t have the time to download one. Anything that causes stress, website visitors just simply click away. If you plan to attach any material to your site, use image files instead. Every device can surely view .jpg, .bmp, or .png files.

  • Too much advertisements

    It is not a good idea to allow your website to have numerous ads. Yes, you can earn through ads, but it can get pretty annoying when something pops up in the middle of the page.

  • Too much text

    When you are reading an actual book, words are parts of it. On a website, gigantic blocks of text are a huge mistake. Surely, it will scare visitors and they will hurriedly leave your website.

  • NOT Designed for all devices

    Last, but not the least, make sure that when you create a website, the design should look good both on a mobile phone and a desktop computer. Every device should be able to contact you.