Eight Free Fonts

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Where to get FREE fonts?

Whether you are doing a school project or designing a website, finding the right font is tough. There are a lot of choices out there and those innumerable options tend to confuse users.  Read this guide for a list of FREE (Yes, free!) Open Type Fonts that you can use and the links on where to get them.

  • Butler by Fabian De Smet 

    This is a serif typeface that is free for both personal and commercial use. (In case you are wondering what a serif typeface is, you can review this article.) Butler is great for books, and other printed materials. Most of all, Butler supports different languages. When you need special characters, it has glyphs to display them properly. You can download the .zip file of the font here.

  • Ostrich Sans 

    The League of Moveable Type has made several free and open-source typefaces that everyone can download. I will list a few of their works. The first of many fonts is Ostrich Sans. It is one of their san serif typefaces. The long and slim design is perfect for subtle titles. Download it here.

  • Eau Sans 

    Aside from The League of Moveable type, fonts by YOfonts will be featured. Eau is French for water. It is a sans serif typeface and it has three variations. You can choose between proportional, lining and old-styled figures. You can try them out by following this link .

  • Melma Font by Rafa Miguel 

    This free for commercial use font includes three varieties: Melma Black, Melma Line, and Melma Cracked. This collection is great for banners, placards, and signboards with its bold and chunky letterforms. For free download, click this link.

  • Opuscula Sans, Serif , and Script 

    When in doubt, try all the types of font. Opuscula can be serif, sans serif, and script. It is very flexible to your needs. The sans and serif are the condensed and thick kind, but if you want an italicized variety, try the script. All three open type fonts are created by YOfonts and you can download them here.

  • League Script Number One 

    If you are looking for a script style typeface, this is for you. Thanks to people of The League of Moveable Type for this modern script font. League Script Number One is fitting for notes, scrapbooks, or even invitations. You can download it here and start writing those personal letters for that someone special.

  • Marta by Michael Chereda 

    Marta is your all-around font. You do not have to worry if you need to type in figures, symbols, and ordinals. This diverse serif font collection supports languages like German, Czech, Russian, and even Latin, and Cyrillic ligatures. You can download the bold, regular, and italic versions for free.

  • Blackout 

    If you want to make a statement, you can be loud with Blackout. This is another creation of The League of  Moveable Type. With this font, people will surely notice what you want them you see. Want to try it out? Click here for more details.