Phoenix Web Design – What Makes a Product Page Effective?

A product page is an important part of your website.  These pages should be enticing enough to encourage engagements, and eventually, lead to sales and revenue. A good product page should be able to catch the customer’s attention and motivate him to add the products to his shopping cart. Most websites allocate their resources to make their product pages more interesting, engaging, and convincing.

Browsing the web on a macbook

Browsing the web on a macbook

In this blog post, I will create a short list for you. I will also create a follow-up post regarding the specific page elements. For now, let’s discuss the basics first on what makes a product page compelling.

A good product page should have…

  • A sharp, high resolution photo: A product page’s most important aspect is its photo. In the world of online shopping, a customer wouldn’t buy a product if he is doesn’t know what he is buying. An unintelligible photo is big NO for product pages.
  • A bulleted list: Customers don’t have time to read long product descriptions. They prefer to skim words in bullets (like this list!) If you have a succinct list of product details, it is easier for your customers to find a product that he wants. For online bookstores, the dimensions, publication date, publisher, imprint, and ISBN are usually present in a list format.
  • A general overview: Of course, not everything is in bullets. You also have to provide a short description regarding the product. For example, if you are selling a book, you need to add the synopsis. By reading the provided synopsis, the customer can decide if a book appeals to them or not.
  • Other features of a product page include: call to action button like buy now, shop now, or add to cart. You also need to add social proof or reviews from other customers.

Basically, these elements constitute a great product page. Your product descriptions are an important part of the page. Let’s continue to use the book example. The synopsis and genre will help grab attention of your customers.

Don’t just focus on the product. Allocate time and effort to formulate creative descriptions.  Keep in mind who your customers are and personalize a product description that appeals to them. Also, write about the features of the product, and highlight the benefits of it, too! You mix and match until it suits your target audience.

Learn from Amazon.

Let’s take a look at Amazon’s product page and learn how they are designing their product page. They topped the list of the biggest e-commerce retailers in 2017. So, it’s only natural to learn from the best among rest. Apple, Wal-Mart, and Macy’s were the runners up.

  • If you look at Amazon’s best sellers in the point-and-shoot digital cameras section, the number 1 camera is a Sony DSCW800/B 20.1 MP Digital Camera. The product page includes a specific title, 7 product photos, 1280+ reviews, a list of product features, many more.
  • The title of the product listing was very specific. It includes the model number and the megapixels of the camera. The customers can easily search the web for other details regarding the camera. Then, there are several photos provided, and it even automatically zooms in the moment you hover on a photo. Plus, there are bullet points that highlight the specific features of the digital camera.