Using Social Media to Boost Advocacy

According to Pew Research Center, 81% of U.S. adults from ages 18-29 use Facebook. It’s no doubt that Facebook is the most-widely used social media platform. Other websites like Instagram and Twitter only got 64% and 40% respectively.

Word of mouth is an effective marketing strategy. However, you can’t ignore the power of social media. In fact, if you need a competent brand ambassador, social media is the answer. Those with the most number of followers will surely be able to entice other people. With over 70% of Americans using social media to communicate, this proves that social media plays a significant role in our daily lives.

Social media apps on a smartphone.

Social media apps on a smartphone.

Choose the Social Media Website that Works Well with Your Business.

This first step is very important. Not because a competitor is on Instagram, then, you should start a posting on Instagram. Don’t follow other people; you just need to follow your audience. If they usually hang out on Facebook, then, focus on Facebook. Carefully study where you get more interaction and engagements.

Carefully Choose Content to Publish.

After you have found your niche, think of what you should publish on social media. “Will this post offer help?” “Does this post address a concern?” If the answer is yes, go ahead and hit post. Remember that your social media posts should have a certain goal, and it shouldn’t be there for aesthetic purposes. It should offer tips and tricks.

Be Responsive.

If someone gave you a positive review on social media, at least, say thank you. They went out of their way to tell the world how great your product is. Reward their efforts because their social media post could reach people you weren’t able to reach. If a customer wants to interact with you, find time to reply. Show them how much you appreciate their love and support.

Share Your Customers’ Social Media Posts.

This is probably the best way to promote customer advocacy. When customers share a positive review or comment, don’t hesitate to share it. Sharing on Facebook or Twitter is very easy to do. On Facebook, you can simply click the share button and add your own caption. On Twitter, you can easily retweet a tweet.

Today, in the digital age, being mentioned by a brand is really meaningful for many customers. It becomes an important highlight of the day. As a loyal customer, it’s fulfilling to know that your efforts were recognized by the brand you look up to.

So, if your customers share stunning reviews or photos, share their wonderful memories. It’s a way of telling the world that “Hey! They had fun. You should too. So, give our product a try.”

Solve Your Customers’ Problems.

Social media is not just about rainbows and butterflies. It is also a great avenue to address certain issues and concerns that your customers may have. Since they are on social media, they can easily post complaints. This is your chance to save the day and offer an immediate response.

Being able to solve a problem right away, you are proving to your customers that your business is not just about making money. You are genuinely concern about their well being. The more problems you will be able to solve, the more happy customers you will gain. That’s something money can’t buy!